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“Swagger Street” by Mag Flux was the most-downloaded MP3 from SDReader.com during August. Below is an interview with Mag Flux’s M.Y.O.

You mention in your song “Swagger Street” showing your listeners “how we do it in San Diego.” How do you do it in San Diego?

We’re all about cafés, live shows, spoken-word poetry, U-31 on Thursdays, and purple spandex with gold trim. Okay, maybe not the spandex, but the gold trim is a keeper. It’s all about knowing who you are, being comfortable with who you are, and expressing yourself authentically. That’s all swagger is. When you are honest with yourself and being who you are, you become something that no one else can be.

Where does the title of the song come from?

“Swagger Street” is really an expression. It’s not a geographic location. It’s that braggart presence that you find in music, the idea that as an artist you believe that you are the best. Regardless of what the Kama Sutra says, the best position is on top.

You guys came together to create this song. Who did what to write and record it?

We were working on different projects with Mag Flux/Pac 10. We wanted to do a side project to keep good music circulating while we worked on the second installment of Mag Flux/Pac 10. All the technical side in terms of beat production and audio engineering was done by Acromic. The lyrics as far as hooks and verses were done collectively between me and Acromic.

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Quan Vu Oct. 3, 2009 @ 5:52 p.m.

Can this song really count? It's just a beat-jack of The Cool Kids' "Black Mag" song. This is not an original creation, just mixtape track-hopping. Swagger-jacking, if you will.


Quan Vu Oct. 3, 2009 @ 5:59 p.m.

My apologies, just realized I've been listening to the Remix, which is what I described above. The original "Swagger Street" is an original creation. Carry on.


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