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Stories by Jeff Weinstein

Ciao! Manhattan would be dead if entirely fictional

I sympathize with Warhol's Edie Sedgewick

I sympathize with "Suan" — Edie Sedgewick — asking this simple question about the running dialogue in part of Ciao! Manhattan, a film at the Academy Theater, because I wondered, in a larger way, to ...

The Reader dines out at the Shanghai in La Jolla

Some waiters are more adept than others in understanding that you don’t want MSG in your food (all Chinese restaurants I’ve eaten in use too much MSG unless you request otherwise).

A Perfect Parody of a San Diego Beer Bar

The Reader dines out at the Korea House

The jukebox switched to “Funkier Than A Mosquiter’s Tweeter” and most of the people at the bar started mouthing the words. One man shooting pool almost hit our soups with his cue. Someone in the room screamed.