Jeff Weinstein

Weinstein was recruited by Kathleen Woodward to write restaurant reviews for the Reader. He won a writing contest in 1976, writing about Mission Beach. In 1989, he was interviewed by Judith Moore, and he was encouraged to write other stories for the Reader in the 1990s. Weinstein later became restaurant critic for New York's Village Voice.

Articles by Jeff Weinstein

What was thought hot 45 years ago

Reader guide to San Diego 1973

1973 San Diego guide to San Diego guidebooks What Neil Morgan never told you. 1973 San Diego guide to the San Diego Reader Who are these people? 1973 San Diego guide to cheesecake Supermarket, specialty ...

Village Voice food critic Jeff Weinstein revisits his gustatory past in San Diego

There's an unbroken line from highchair to dining chair that follows my profile faithfully.

Last suppers ordered by inmates on Texas's death row

Steak was the entree most frequently asked for

My friend James recently left an astounding list on my desk: "Final Meals Requested by Inmates Executed in Texas." Two pages, 34 names (all men), 28 meals. He picked it up from a Mr. Brown, ...

San Diego overview – writing contest winner

No One can say why she lives here

san diego, lyrics: mr. history looks down on the city i don’t want you to think san diego sounds funny. i don’t understand why the most powerful feeling this city evokes, at sunset, a sort ...

1973 San Diego guide to a year of restaurant reviews

Small bites

Small Bites From A Year’s Feast of Reviews The Blue Man “...This tiny French restaurant, located in the unlikely town of Lemon Grove, is the most exciting one I’ve discovered in the four years I've ...

Jeff Weinstein flays the Prophet Vegetarian Restaurant

I didn't chew my rice enough

I asked for a dinner of stuffed mushrooms, and was served a visually beautiful dish of dark circlets sitting in white glistening sauce, out of which bean sprouts grew like hair.

L'Auberge on Carmel Valley Road

Painless gas

In a previous column I suggested that one kind of restaurant which deserves to be the object of review is the "pretentious-enough-to-warrant-some-kind-of-critical-response" establishment, because "the public should not be ripped-off." Calling attention to shortcomings is ...

What to say about a Tijuana restaurant

Chiki-Jai at 7th and Revolucion

The menu changes every day. Every day! That went out years ago in most places. They do real cooking, so you can always say "the cook got drunk and the cat fell in the stew" or something.

The Poop Deck in Oceanside

In defence of criticism.

Should a reviewer “pan” a struggling restaurant, if it is sincerely bad? Should the reviewer bother to talk about a place which “everyone knows" is good and will prosper whether or not the review is written.