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Learn Hunger Game style archery – longbows and recurves

San Diego Reader Classified ads, September 11, 2019

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Romeo and Juliet with an eighties dance party

That’s the issue with this production. The first half doesn’t match the second

This tragedy starts out looking like a big party. Fair enough. Many big parties end in tragedy. It’s a great party until somebody dies. That’s what I guess director Barry Edelstein is going for with ...

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little: never-marrieds unite! Or don’t

Generations of married folks were trained to think something must be wrong with anyone who remained unmarried late in life

What does society feel about unmarried people over the age 45? For most of our nation’s history, the majority of the population has been married, so the democratic question has typically been: how do married ...

The Virgin Trial, Kaaboo Del Mar, Fiestas Patrias Celebration, Mind Travel: Silent Hike, Railroad music and rides

Events September 12-September 18, 2019

Thursday | 12 The Virgin Trial In this thriller, the young Elizabeth navigates political and sexual intrigue in the Tudor court that threatens her freedom, and even her life. After the death of both her ...

Gloria backers borrow name of Faulconer’s dubious charity

Susan Davis, Mike Levin put on the miles

Boobs of influence Will San Diego’s lame-duck Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer try to block the hijacking of his charity’s name by backers of his would-be Democratic successor Todd Gloria? That’s just one of many questions ...

San Diego Reader 2019 Burgers issue

From Oceanside to Escondido to Sherman Heights to Mount Laguna

Ian Anderson Look out for the burger of the day A hub for carnivores in Escondido’s historic downtown, it might be tough to notice the burgers past all the smoked meats and poutine. You’ll do ...

Rancho Bernardo man with 84 cockatiels fights San Diego Humane Society

“The four eldest need to come home”

Fourteen years ago Rancho Bernardo resident Robert D. Fausner had four pet cockatiels. He kept them in his one-bedroom apartment cage-free and by January of this year they had reproduced into 83 free-flying birds, plus ...

Likes North Park to be like Seattle

Crossword fan complains – crossword maker answers

Celebrating scooters I am incredibly ecstatic about the approval for bike lanes on 30th street in the North Park neighborhood and would like to encourage Chris Ward and Kevin Faulconer to continue their efforts (“North ...

Giant sharks south of Ensenada

American fossil hunter returns his finds to Baja

The wind was blowing from the east before sunup, and a faint predawn illuminated whitecaps on the bay. My plan for kayak fishing Isla Asunción had become out of the question. If the wind was ...

El Norte: before and after

“Everything that happens in the film really happened to somebody.”

El Norte: Before Film director and self-identified Mexican-American Gregory Nava grew up in North Park during the ‘50s, but he had family in Mexico, and crossed the border “three to four times a week.” And ...

Discover the affordable glory of malt liquor

Back to reality. Time to make sense again.

Dear Hipster: I’ve recently moved into San Diego, and into my first apartment post-college that’s really mine. At least, it’s mine and my roommate’s because there’s no way I could afford a 1BR spot for ...

La Mesa’s “The Stride” hike connects Jackson Park, La Mesita Park, and Lake Murray

Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan helps to make City Walks and Urban Trails program a reality

The City of La Mesa has launched a program called City Walks and Urban Trails as part of their Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan as a way to help connect the community. One of these ...

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