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Better than okay at Okan Diner

Adventurous dishes, strange ingredients, and comfort food

The name of the restaurant may include the word diner, but don’t go expecting to order a Denver omelet, or anything with a side of hash browns. Okan Diner serves Japanese food, and a fair ...

Technicolor western Chaps! features tunes by Sons of the Pioneers and Will Rogers

British accents delivered in a cowboy twang. Hilarious.

Playing at Lamb’s Player’s Theatre until April 20, the musical comedy Chaps! mines most of its humor from a goofy, fish-out-of-water premise. Specifically, an American troupe of singing cowboys has failed to show up for ...

Hot Club of Cowtown, Scholars’ Symposium, Walk among the butterflies, 1000 singing voices of San Diego, Jake’s Women

Events March 21-March 27, 2019

Thursday | 21 Dustbowl revival and Hot Club of Cowtown Former San Diegans Elana Fremerman and Whit Smith return to town with their famed country swing-hot jazz trio, Hot Club of Cowtown, which just released ...

Anishka Lee-Skorepa forms Artistas Fronterizas to sing stories about border life

“I want our kids to be curious, not fearful.”

It’s a shivery night here in Barrio Logan. I’ve just come across these kids huddling with Anishka Lee-Skorepa in an empty lot often used for markets and performances. A small crowd waits on the sidewalk. ...

Old Town’s cemetery not San Diego’s oldest

What is a PDF?

Oldest in Seaport I often point out to tourists the grave marker at the old jail. It was a yard where...merchant marines and whalers and Americans and Europeans who died here [were] buried. I noticed ...

Scott Peters gift to Duke just coincidental?

U-T searching for someone to get photos in order

Old school money In the wake of last week’s national college admission scandal, a kingpin of La Jolla’s burgeoning upscale SAT cram school industry went after William Rick Singer, the Newport Beach-based alleged perpetrator of ...

North Park locals patrol the neighborhood

“It’s a freak show out there”

The last time there was a seemingly life threatening conflict behind Claudia’s Spanish Revival home in North Park, she didn’t swipe her smartphone to dial 911 — instead, she pumped her 12-gauge shotgun. “Expecting the ...

National Geographic: Milkweed and Monarchs risk extinction

Entomologist Chip Taylor estimates more than a billion milkweed stems necessary to give monarchs a fighting chance

Steve Wampler became famous when he somehow scaled El Capitan in Yosemite even though he uses a wheelchair. On Friday September 17, 2010, with help from a support team, he became the first person with ...

Could be wood frame house in Alabama, but it's El Cajon Blvd. storefront

Why would anyone sing in church these days?

“If you want, I’ll give you a hug,” a tall man with silver hair says to a seated congregant. “I give man hugs,” the silver-haired man says after the two have bro-hugged. It’s noon on ...

Which came first in the MIT Technology Review?

Do nonconformists look the same?

Dear Hipster: I’m sure you’ve heard of the old mimesis v. anti-mimesis imponderable, i.e. does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? It’s the kind of thing one could go back and forth on ...

Denk Mountain: Carlsbad’s highest mountain for hikers and bikers

The name honors the Denk family, who once owned much of the land that is now the Rancho La Costa Preserve

Denk Mountain is the unofficial name of the highest point in the City of Carlsbad. It may be a little presumptuous to call it a mountain, but at 1041 feet of elevation, it is high ...

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