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A commitment to exercise

“Being able to take different classes... keeps me from getting lazy.”

New year, new me. I say that every year. In general, I’ve got the healthy eating down, but the older I get, the more I realize that changes to one’s figure — the positive kind, ...

Why I love community theater

His reactions to the jokes are pure delight, and make me wistful for innocence

The theater is in a strip mall, up an ugly staircase. On the landing stands a sad, dusty, fake ficus. The door is unmarked and doesn’t look inviting, but it’s the only door, so I ...

The gosh-darned Götterdämmerung

When the impending end of your own personal world looks like the end of the world at large

Like more than a few members of my generation, I had Orson Welles’ cinematic masterpiece Citizen Kane “spoiled” for me by Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. (A sign that I’m getting old: I feel the ...

Leonardo: Emergence of Realism, Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler, Marie and Rosetta, Tu B’shvat Festival, The Posies

Events January 17-January 23, 2019

Thursday | 17 Leonardo: Emergence of Realism How can we account for Leonardo da Vinci’s genius in so many areas — engineering, mathematics, optics, geology, anatomy? Attentive parenting in a stimulating environment? Education (or lack ...

L.A. Times writing more of Union-Tribune stories

Democrat designs on SD City Council

Downward trend The Los Angeles Times, owned by billionaire physician Patrick Soon-Shiong, is accelerating its not-so-stealthy creep into the editorial content of the San Diego Union-Tribune, also purchased by the pharmaceutical magnate last year as ...

Tri-City nurse stabs boyfriend with butter knife, then steak knife

Will she be re-instated to labor and delivery?

‘We are not required to wait for her to injure a patient at work,” attorney Erin Sunseri told a judge. Representing the California nurses licensing board, Sunseri was trying to prevent Christena Potter doing any ...

San Diego millennials show their nerdy business models

On Twitter, her “reach isn’t drowned by algorithms”

Nikki from Lemon Grove makes money in not-so-orthodox methods. “I’ve had a few people come to me that have giant fetishes,” she says, “which is basically the idea of a giant woman stepping on, eating, ...

The overpowering nature of ketchup

A food calculated to titillate every taste bud

Dear Hipster: I was visiting people in Chicago over the holiday season. As you may well know, Chicago has a rich tradition of eating hot dogs, and I saw “no ketchup” signs at each and ...

You are shedding lights for San Diego

Most of us drive like crazy

Homelessly mental Hey John Kitchin (“Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness,” Letters, December 12), I have been living in San Diego, CA at least 10 yrs now. I have to ...

Young chessmen

“You only get mismatches like that in this tournament”

It’s a little after 7 pm on January 2nd, and the San Diego Chess Club is holding the club champtionship qualifying round in its mid-century Balboa Park digs along Sixth Avenue just north of Ivy. ...

Sally Mann wanted imagery that looked bruised by history

Her vintage lenses make Antietam look still punished by the violence

The history of photography tracks the cultural history of childhood and the innocence we like to think abides there. When the inventor of photography, Henry Fox Talbot, made images of his family in the 1840s, ...

Pamo Valley: isolated from the sounds of the city

Explore this newly completed link on the Coast to Crest Trail

Pamo Valley is a beautiful, peaceful little valley that seems very isolated in spite of its closeness to nearby Ramona. Though you are within a few miles of town, you can no longer hear the ...

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