"You will be killed."
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Homelessly mental

Hey John Kitchin (“Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness,” Letters, December 12), I have been living in San Diego, CA at least 10 yrs now. I have to write this comment to let you know that myself and many others in America (I am sure) are grateful for editorial people like you. Your finding on mental illness, alcohol and homelessness is very refreshing to see because you are shedding lights for San Diegans, as well as Americans to read and aware and support this cause. As Americans we need to fix, support the Americans with mental, alcohol homelessness first, this issue I believe should always be discussed, and talked until there is a change. We need to care about this problem because I think the problems at home (as in the country) should be constantly worked on first, regardless of what is going on in the outside world of America. Someone has to give light to this mentally homeless issue, and you did just that. I have to say you did a superb job on writing about this mentally homeless letter and it is to the point, and long enough for everyone to read in a few minutes and be informed. Great job.

  • Chinh
  • Mira Mesa

Risky crossing

We have a crisis of denial in San Diego when it comes to admitting that most of us drive like crazy (“Torrey Pines Road – ‘so damn dangerous, ” Neighborhood News, December 14). I just turned 65 and feel like I’m 20 attributing my youth to not owning a car most of my life. I will admit however that I splurged on leasing a Smart Car for two since the rebates were well over $6000.00 For the better part of my life, I have participated in triathlon often training on San Diego roads having to tolerate mostly fat and hostile men driving oversized trucks in their twenties hurling every sort of epithet imaginable. So having returned from my second home in France a few weeks ago where riots occur almost daily over working conditions, I’m reminded that unlike the barbaric drivers in San Diego, I have never heard quite frankly of road rage and the routine killing of cyclists and pedestrians in Normandy. Ladies and gentlemen, we are sick. Yes, my fellow San Diegans, I repeat, we are sick! Before you comment consider that I remain one of few humans on the planet as a million mile club member having walked, run, swam and cycled one million miles in my lifetime and yes, I follow all traffic rules yet on a daily basis most of you try to kill me.

Daniel Joseph Smiechowski

Bay Ho

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