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Cabo Polonio, bona fide best of Uruguay

No roads or electricity? All the more reason to visit.

There may well be other places like this, a scruffy village of dwellings on a cape which seems like it’s from another time, but I haven’t seen any. Most locations remind you of some other ...

Maine by way of Chicago at Duff's Doggz

Lobster rolls at a Home Depot hot dog stand

I found Duff’s Doggz in the southeast corner of the Carmel Mountain Home Depot parking lot. It’s a shack not even two parking spaces wide, and like most Chicago-style hot dog joints, it’s adorned with ...

San Diego Venezuelans grateful to Trump

Drenched at Waterfront Park

During the rainstorm on February 2, Oceanside resident Ana Groening trekked down to Waterfront Park while "many others didn’t make it." That Saturday, many of Groening's fellow-Venezuelans were slated to meet at the waterfront park ...

Ramp re-model and weather delay bass tourney in San Diego bay

Don't let sand bass twist your line

Dock Totals Jan 27 – Feb 2: 698 anglers aboard 36 half day to three day trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 92 yellowtail, 145 bonito, 70 calico bass, 412 sand ...

Surfing kind of saved me from being an alcoholic

If I stay up drinking, I can’t paddle out

Name: James Age: 39 From: La Mesa Location: Ocean Beach Today, Ocean Beach is particularly crowded due to a surf school. I caught up with James as he was heading to the showers after a ...

A tidal island in Mission Bay

You may be able to walk to it

Leisure Island at Mission Bay might be one of San Diego's only sandy "tidal islands,” if you can catch it on the right day. A tidal island is a body of land that is connected ...

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