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Chatty afternoon tea at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Hints at Old Town's Californio history

Walking around Old Town last month, I noticed a sandwich board sign advertising afternoon tea at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. That’s the proper, British-style afternoon tea, complete with a big ceramic pot and a three-tier platter ...

Mom's ex-husband clips daughter in Vista

"He swerved to hit me"

“We got that victim alert that he was going to be released from jail, so we were putting his clothes in his car. And we saw him walking down the street towards us,” Jaynie told ...

Salton Sea land owners may luck out

Lithium in the geothermal brine – if they can only extract it

Richard Snow may live in Spring Valley, but he has owned property near the Salton Sea since the early 90s. What initially drew him to the area was flight. He was part of a small ...

Accident at Ensenada parade of lights

Patrons getting on boats piled up

“I was there at that time with my family and after we crossed the bridge,” said Martin G., “it was about 30 seconds after, when I heard it fall.” On the evening or Dec. 14, ...

Otay Mesa – so unsettled

Sewage, Salt Creek, Otay Mountain, Brown Field, Otay Park, border fence, tunnels, new border entry, Nestor High School

Feds plan to make pond of Tijuana sewage Just how smelly are thirteen acres of raw sewage? Soon, very soon, we shall find out. Next Monday a federal agency is planning to start building an ...