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Hedwig and the Angry Inch and everyone in between

From Ted Knight and Renée Richards to Ruby Rose and Sharon Needles

“Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between,” says the titular character in the Diversionary Theatre staging of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which runs through April 28. It’s been 20 years since the off-Broadway sensation ...

Get your mancave “mantiques” from Mylo Macario at SD Tuff Stuff

We all need a refuge

“Mantiques,” says the sign. “SD Tuff Stuff. The Mancave Store.” This I’ve got to see. We’re on a less-visited stretch of W. Main in El Cajon. Guy’s in the next room, working on a weld. ...

The Mattoon Act wreaks havoc, Kansas, SoCal’s elusive Mountain Lion, Julian Gold Rush Days, Mr. and Mrs. Finch

Events April 4-April 11, 2019

Thursday | 4 The Mattoon Act wreaks havoc Helen Ofield speaks on “The Dire Effects of the Mattoon Act 1925-1940.” Did your forebears lose home, land and money under the yoke of the Mattoon Act? ...

Check out ties, briefcases from San Diego Public Library

Pot cafe PAC donates to Bill Baber and Chuck Lowery

San Diego VA lowlights The Department of Veterans Affairs “February Highlights” report has just disclosed a heretofore unrevealed incident of violence in San Diego. “A veteran was arrested on charges related to knocking over objects ...

Sacramento pushes granny flats, Coronado demurs

"Laws of supply and demand don’t work" at the beach

The San Jose Mercury News recently called the practice of renting to tenants living quarters built without permits in backyards and over garages “a municipal game of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” “Of course, we’d like ...

San Diego's least affordable housing

Unreal estate

"Luxury living” is a term that eludes simple definition. For some, it may be a beachfront home occupying a slice of Southern California’s most coveted coastline. Others might prefer a penthouse condo equipped with the ...

Economist challenges socialist who spoke at USD

Surveillance on every corner not OK

Capitalism vs. Socialism, redux Prof. Chibber: According to Matthew Lickona, a reporter for the San Diego Reader, you participated in a debate (“Is it time for America to embrace socialism?) with Michael Munger on March ...

Surfing and sunbathing with Southern California Edison in San Onofre

Surfer Dave Franta has nuclear nerves

Dave Franta lives your California dream. He surfs pretty-much full time. He can, because after 29 years as a firefighter, he has retired. He’s 59, looks 39, and doesn’t seem to have a worry in ...

Rick and Morty space-time conundrum

We’ll pass on Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft worlds, thanks.

Dear Hipster: What would be the ideal, alternate universe in which a hipster such as yourself might be trapped after falling through a tear in the space-time continuum? Before you answer, I have some ground ...

Find wild cucumber, mushrooms, and ocean views along the old San Diego Beach Railroad in La Jolla and Birdrock

Also look for the "cowboy cologne" coastal sagebrush for pioneers who wanted to freshen up!

The La Jolla/Bird Rock Bike Path begins at the southern end of Bird Rock at the intersection of La Jolla Hermosa and Camino de la Costa. On the north end, the trail turns around when ...

RIP Harlequin and Vision guitarist Rick Elias

Singer/guitarist/keyboardist once hit number four on the national Christian Top 40 chart

Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Rick Elias attended Azusa Pacific University, a local Christian college, and first earned local notice with Harlequin, a keyboard-heavy mid-1970s progressive rock band in the same vein as Yes, Genesis, Starcastle, and local Andy ...

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