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The unmatched power of telenovelas

Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez still holds a torch for storytelling intimacy

Upon publishing One Hundred Years of Solitude in 1969, Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez accomplished a rare feat: writing a classic piece of literature that also became an international best seller. He was awarded the ...

Hallo-wine & Spirits

The Whaley House is said to be among America’s Most Haunted

My husband Patrick went down to Home Depot for light bulbs and rat traps and came back with a $300 animatronic dragon for our front yard. He’s eager to hear it roar at trick-or-treaters. Halloween ...

Not so black-and-white

“Actually is about rape, but also The Title IX system which some accuse of making snap judgements.”

A friend compares history – i.e. what actually happened – to the Big Bang. He’s studied the JFK assassination for decades and says he can put three shooters in position: one in the Book Depository, ...

A peak experience with spectacular desert views

Hiking Sombrero Peak from Indian Gorge, there is no official trail or even agreed-upon route to the top

Many reasons have been given for climbing Sombrero Peak, including its distinctive shape and the fact that it is quite prominent when viewed from Indian or Bow Willow Valleys. It is on the list of ...

A beautifully angry cauldron of tastes

“We are all Issan here.”

To understand a cuisine, you’ve got to look around. That is, look at the countryside of an area. Like Issan cooking. These people live in the not -so-fertile crescent of Thailand’s northeast. The land doesn’t ...

Metamorphoses, Fleet Week, Filamfest, UK Subs and Agent Orange, Halloween at Liberty Station

Events October 25-October 31, 2018

Friday | 26 Metamorphoses Tales from Ovid, Roman poet and one of Shakespeare’s favorites, include: Midas, whose touch turned things into gold; Alcyone and Ceyx, who, reunited after his death, became seabirds; Orpheus, god of ...

John Cox or Venezuela

Alpine Chamber gets $75K for Snow Festival, Christmas Parade, and honey event

Bombs away San Diego’s bigger-than-life public art world is in turmoil. A proposed million-dollar pair of oversized plastic straws designed in Los Angeles to grace the entrance of San Diego’s new toilet-to-tap water plant has ...

Brews that built San Diego Beer

Like spicy food, once someone has developed a taste for hops, they want more.

Earlier this month, the San Diego Brewers Guild announced a new study showing that San Diego craft beer made a more than one billion-dollar economic impact in 2017. The news arrives just as Karl Strauss ...

San Diego's new wine region

Good reds and Rieslings in the 94 corridor

‘It’s all about the diurnal drop. It cools off a lot here at night, 30 degrees on average. That’s why we can make good whites,” says Sarah Babine, who, along with husband Grant Spotts, aims ...

Waterfront pages, daylight saving, animal cruelty, Uber cruelty

Riled up Reader readers

Getting the jump on Baja I want to know why the outdoor section on the fishing and the fish report is only half a page, and where is the follow-up to the end of the ...

The Inkwell Incidents

The details are difficult to hear

Inkwell Tattoo & Body Piercing on Main Street in Ramona is not on any of San Diego’s haunted house tours, and perhaps it’s just as well. Owner-operator Christopher Fowles has a business to run, and ...

A penchant for all things random

What? Why? How?

Dear Hipster: I was chilling at a brewery with a couple friends the other night, and I inadvertently eavesdropped on a couple hipsters who were drunkenly bellowing behind me about some shenanigans one of them ...

Academic Anomaly addresses the Grievance Imbroglio

Scholarly journals publish hoax articles

In 1996, physics professor Alan Sokal submitted an article to the cultural studies journal Social Text claiming that “it is becoming increasingly apparent that physical ‘reality’ is fundamentally ‘a social and linguistic construct.’” His aim ...

Dignity through showers

East and North County welcome them, but not so much central San Diego

"Choice is something a lot of service providers and volunteers trying to provide help to others don't often consider," Think Dignity director Anne Rios tells me when we sit down at her group's North Park ...

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