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What is the sound of one Monroe clapping?

"New" version of '80s new wave heroes the Monroes

The Monroes are back - well, one of them, anyway

Tom kha in the desert

55 Thai aims to bring sweet simplicity to San Diego

So ’t’other day my buddy Ernesto — Neto — and I met at this corner liquor store over the summit in Golden Hill for lunch. His idea. “Uh, likker store?” “Wait till you get inside,” ...

Sixth-level drama geek

With its back to us, the set conjures a mirror universe.

Stage backdrops exist in the same way Newton’s Laws exist. They establish which direction is up, and remind us two solid objects cannot occupy the same space. However, once we understand the basic framework, they’re ...

Controlled chaos

The dashes become madder, the hand-offs quicker, and the stage becomes a whirling kaleidoscope.

Noises from backstage during a performance — i.e. “noises off” — are one of the great bugaboos of live theater. They could be anything: flubbed costume changes, microphone left on, missing prop. They yank us ...

The Canyoneers walk two cleaned-up canyons

Flourishing, accessible native habitats in an urban setting

Manzanita and Hollywood Canyons demonstrate the ability of nature to thrive in disturbed areas and neighborhoods. Not only are these canyons necessary habitats for native flora and fauna, they also act as windows into San ...

Mountain View backyard lies six miles east of downtown San Diego

Five kinds of cherries, an apple tree, tangerines, plums, peaches, passion fruit, pomegranate, blue Java bananas, lemons, two varieties of grapes, a strawberry patch, and a seasonal vegetable garden

Often found sporting a waistcoat and a woolen flat cap, James Gielow is a self-described “Neo-Rennaisance man — an artist at heart and hand, with the soul of a scientist and a philosopher.” He spends ...

Post-movie problems

A potentially profitable plight?

Avengers: Infinity War was a long movie: 160 minutes or so. After a long movie, there is often a general rush to the rest room, followed by an increasingly uncomfortable wait among a crowd of ...

The keening whine and thrilling drone of the bagpipes

Weird war music

Bagpipes are mostly synthetic nowadays — reeds, chanters, drones; even the bags are rarely fashioned from animal hide any more. But the sound is still primitive, primal: a single octave plus one, the keening whine ...

Country music was a bad word

Surviving Dils co-founder Chip Kinman on the legacy of cowpunkers Rank and File

“When we started Rank and File, nobody was blending country with anything remotely hip or alternative,” according to Chip Kinman, who says the band he formed with his brother Tony after their punk group the ...

Eat everything in your house

How rad is it to live in such a world of plenty?

Dear Hipster: What are the five most hipster things that have ever happened? — Derek I’ve already plumbed the depths of my knowledge and summoned the three most hipster things ever. Based on completely objective, ...

858 S.D. County educators collect pensions of $100,000+

How much do you like your teachers?

Ten years ago, the world narrowly averted a financial disaster. It began with an explosion of low-quality mortgages bundled into putrid-quality financial paper that was awarded the highest-quality rating (AAA). Financial institutions began to collapse. ...

Rooftop movies, Red, Tacotopia, Gator by the Bay, Shaper Fest, Nada Surf

Events May 3-9, 2018

Thursday | 10 MOVIES ON HYATT ROOFTOP We’ll always have drive-ins, but for years, Cinema Under the Stars in Mission Hills was the main urban alternative to hardtop movie houses. Digital projection and inflatable screens ...

Billie Joe Armstrong chose Tijuana

Biggest show yet for the Moustache Bar

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong launched his side project the Longshot on Thursday, May 3 at Moustache Bar. “We sold out all 300 tickets within three hours when they went on sale last Frday ...

SDSU errors hit taxpayers, Cox flips on net neutrality, UT stories for sale

You know who not to trust

SDSU’s costly Confucius Officials at San Diego State University have had to address negative findings made by state university system auditors about cost overruns plaguing campus construction projects. “We found that although one of the ...