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Floating celebrity

Comic-con yacht with Jumbotron

“Watch out San Diego Comic Con 2018 because Captain Kevin Smith is going to be onboard the IMDb boat,” Smith said on an online video. Smith is a 47-year-old actor and director of movies Mallrats ...

Carlsbad license plate reader found the stolen car

Police used facial recognition technology to ID the driver

Rigoberto said his car went missing from his home near downtown San Diego on May 5. He got the silver, 2004 Volkswagen Beetle from someone who owed him $2,500, so he figured that is what ...

Could long-form Internet content help save classical music?

Their discourses run between one and three hours without any commercial interruption.

Could it be that the tide is beginning to swing back to classical music? With the demise of network television and radio, a new space is beginning to open up which could shift musical taste ...

Rolando Village Catwalks (East County)

These walkways and staircases rival La Mesa’s “Secret Stairs” for a cardio workout.

La Mesa and adjacent Rolando Village stand out as one of the few areas in the county that offer a system of public walkways and stairways. Probably best known are the “Secret Stairs” of Mt. ...

La Jolla’s oldest structures

The neighborhood is named for Phillip Barber, a wealthy New York heir

This week we look at “a unique opportunity to own a collection of three meticulously restored, award-winning historic homes” in La Jolla’s Barber Tract, adjacent to Windansea Beach. Home to some of La Jolla’s oldest ...

Vienna Sausages don't get that kind of love

Putting the SPAM in Spamalot

As the story goes, pork shoulder was a tough sell in 1920s America, so a scion of the Hormel Foods empire devised a way to blend the cheap meat with ham and preservatives, and in ...

Reigning from below

Instead of a heartfelt hug, Inna fires a hard right cross to Reina’s chin.

Martyna Majok’s ambitious Queens plays like a prospector who has found a giant gold nugget in the wilderness. Problem is: the prospector hasn’t a wagon big enough to carry it out, or an axe to ...


It's that time of year again...

You don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Scooter Chronicles, Nerdist House, Jennifer Spencer portraits, Newsies, Ninety Percent Mental

Events July 19-July 25, 2018

Thursday | 19 Scooter Chronicles release party The Scooter Chronicles is set during the local mod revival of the mid-1980s, spinning the tale of how one teen’s quest to buy a Vespa turned into a ...

Seasoned with a hint of social conscience

A home-cooked meal drowned in the sauce of creative necessity

Dear Hipster: I’ve been following your advice about eating all the food in the house in order to make space, but its not been so easy. Why do I have all these cans of sun ...

Cosplay is Mom’s thing

“I always joke that we need a smaller house and a bigger garage."

Sheila Szilagyi-Noseworthy is getting the upstairs bathroom remodeled in her pretty Poway home. “It’ll be nice,” she muses. “But I always joke that we need a smaller house and a bigger garage. That’s my dream, ...

Convention Center expansion absurd

Soak the taxpayer

The push for an expansion of the Convention Center is said to be a “citizens’ initiative.” It is actually a government initiative drawn up to feed money to downtown plutocrats — the hotel industry. The ...

Meridian — many storied high-rise

Pete Wilson versus Chumash Indians

Murder at the Meridian? Downtown’s Meridian condo tower on Front Street is getting some help from San Diego cops in covering up the details of a mysterious death at the building, fueling growing speculation that ...


Reader's racist film reviewer

Racist tongue? I find it quite appealing (sic) that you have a blatantly racist film reviewer on the payroll. Scott Marks gives 0/5 stars to any movies staring black people. A direct quote from Marks’ ...

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