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New beginning for Dewey Defeats Truman

"We realize how fun it is to play music again.”

For a decade bassist/singer James Reader and drummer Scott Frazier were in two different “Casbah bands” that went on to get national buzz: Red Dye No. 5 and, later, Dewey Defeats Truman. The 1995 Red ...

Watch as the bird populations change with the seasons

Explore the bayside walking and birding trail in Imperial Beach

A new birding trail has been opened at the very bottom of San Diego Bay in Imperial Beach within the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. There is a well-marked dirt path stemming from the ...

Christmas remains irony-proof

The onslaught of crassness, exploitation, and greed is relentless.

They can’t completely ruin Christmas — the commercialization, the gaudy lights, the atrocious, omnipresent, fake-happy “holiday” music that is the very antithesis of holy (it’s just “day” music if you think about it). Then the ...

Shock space

Nora and Torvald end up on the bare wooden floor.

Lucas Hnath’s A Doll’s House, Part 2 begins where Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece A Doll’s House ends. After 15 years on her own in the world, Nora Helmer returns to the door she slammed on her ...

It’s Nutcracker season

It’s not the Holidays without it

There are certain cultural holiday classics that survive the test of time: Rudolph, The Grinch, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street. The same goes for classic art performances such as Handel’s Messiah, and especially The Nutcracker ...

The Year to Come, Giant Snow Globe, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Parade of Lights on the Bay, All about Normandy, France

Events December 6-December 12, 2018

Thursday | 6 The Year to Come This world premiere narrows in on a family gathering on New Year’s Eve. It seemed normal at the time – politically incorrect banter, splashing each other in the ...

Money squeezed from Get It Done, San Diego

Qualcomm hires opposition research team

Rough operators Qualcomm, the home-grown tech giant known locally for take-no-prisoners political plays, is quickly getting a national reputation for dirty tricks. A November 21 report by the New York Times outlines Qualcomm’s hiring of ...

San Diego Reader 2018 Holiday issue

SD Mission candlelight, Borrego's Christmas Circle, Oceanside boat rides, Rose Parade floats, Jewish Christmas, Julian tea, Tierrasanta lights, North Pole train, Kumeyaay solstice, Irish New Year

You don’t have to do anything this holiday season. Despite what the song says, you don’t have to deck the halls, join the chorus, or don any sort of gay apparel. You don’t have to ...

Can't get the homeless out of Fox Canyon

City won't help City Heights private homeowners

A year and a half ago, one of Teri Siciliani’s neighbors called to alert her to a homeless encampment on the back side of Siciliani’s property in the Fox Canyon neighborhood of City Heights. From ...

Baja’s Hearst Castle

“A hallucination materialized”

Back in 2011, a real-estate man named Tony Wells caught the attention of the LA Weekly with El Bordello Alexandra, a Venice Beach apartment complex that he’d spent ten years transforming, along with his partner ...

Bob Dorn – Rest in peace

San Diego journalist extraordinaire

Bob Dorn, who died of a heart attack the last week of November, was a writer for the Evening Tribune, the Reader, San Diego Magazine, and most recently for the San Diego Free Press. He ...

The journey to “see the end of the wall”

“If I had known the walk was what the walk was, I would have stayed in the car.”

“If I had known the walk was what the walk was, I would have stayed in the car,” says the man at the beach where the United States ends and Mexico begins. And it was ...

The perfect catch-all holiday

Maybe you should give Festivus a shot

Dear Hipster: With the so-called Holiday Season fully upon us, one cannot engage in the world without fielding a barrage of “Happy Holidays!” and other such seasonal well-wishes. As if it weren’t enough to be ...

McMillin's Frankenstein, blood boiling over Oceanside

Low density not good for Clairemont

Corky’s Frankenstein As they go off into the sunset with their $71M, Scott McMillin (son of Corky) remains behind to develop the Liberty Station Arts District’s last four undeveloped barracks into a boutique hotel! (“Liberty ...

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