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Mexico's capital of craft

Baja brewers cleaned up in national competition

Back in September, in what has become an autumn tradition, the Great American Beer Festival heaped loads of recognition upon the general greatness of San Diego beer. Area breweries claimed five golds en route to ...

What makes the border fence work

No escape field, see-through, razor wire

“Assault a U.S. law enforcement officer – expect to be held accountable,” said chief border patrol agent Rodney Scott in a press release November 3. On October 31 a federal jury in San Diego found ...

Christmas is never not coming

What did the Grinch hate about Christmas?

Somewhere well into the wee hours of a Christmas in the not-nearly-distant-enough past, as the adults in my family labored to finish with the wrapping of presents, the curling of ribbon, the printing of tags, ...

Dickens for a day

Drood became the first Broadway musical using audience participation for the ending.

Young Charles Dickens worked as a law clerk. He delivered documents and ran errands and was bored beyond tears. He wanted to be a court stenographer – record an entire trial verbatim – but it ...

Cook less, enjoy more

Thanksgiving takeout options

Gobble gobble gobble, hear the turkey say/ When November comes around I think I’ll run away. It’s that time again. The sun sets at five. The liquid amber tree is aflame with reds and yellows. ...

The problem with San Diego's historic neighborhoods

Outdoor museums that don’t pay for themselves

“If I went to the city and said I wanted my house to be a historic resource,” says South Park resident Dave Twining, “and I wanted the tax benefits associated with that, there would be ...

Billy Gibbons, Lifeguards to the Rescue, Antiques and Appraisals, Mother Courage and Her Children, Daybreak at Del Mar

Events November 15-November 21, 2018

Thursday | 15 HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue Michael Martino, author and lifegaurd, presents the evolution of lifeguard services in San Diego. The book chronicles the early pre-lifeguard years, when citizens provided aquatic ...

The sensual pleasures of print

Sitting by the sea while perusing the Reader events section

Painfully uneventful One of my favorite mid-week pick-me-ups is walking to our local La Jolla coffee shop, picking up a hot-off-the-press Reader, and sitting by the sea while perusing the events section. Imagining all the ...

Star Bar’s star

“This is our refuge, our comfort. She is good people.”

“Longevity!” says Mr. Evans. “That’s the thing. Longevity: I come in here, and it’s familiar, welcoming, comfortable, like home. Like $2 beers on Thirsty Thursday. Still. Price unchanged! And Loni? Don’t get her mad. She’s ...

The case for civility

We see too much of Marc Antony these days

Commentators across the political spectrum have been urging Americans to tone down the rhetoric, especially with politically motivated bombings and mass murders shocking us almost daily. It would not hurt us to remember that our ...

Dulzura’s full of schist

“Where there’s schist, there’s gold”

“Donald Sheckler always told me, ‘If you find schist, there’s gold somewhere nearby.’” Jim looks at the piece of schist rock he’s just kicked out of the dirt here, halfway up Mine Canyon. It’s a ...

Zapf falls to Campbell

Anti-Trump off-shore drilling wasn’t enough to get Republican re-elected

Anti-Trump trumped A flurry of last-minute advertising on Facebook attacking president Donald Trump wasn’t enough to get Republican Lorie Zapf re-elected last week against anti-Trump Democrat Jen Campbell. “Lorie Zapf will stand up to Trump’s ...

A chorus of hearty mehs

Next year? You’d best start planning now.

Dear Hipster: If pies can be ranked in order of hipness, then what else goes appropriately on the hipster Thanksgiving table? — Karen The key to any good hipster Thanksgiving table is balance — balance ...

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