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The trails don’t end in Bonita

Our little hills, forever near

Our little hills forever near Tell us your secret rare, Through progress of change you never care? Though they plow up your cover of greens and browns, Disturbing your colorful restful mounds? We humans would ...

South American movie selections

Dark, but wonderful

The Secret in Their Eyes (Argentina, 2009, Sony Pictures Classics) is an Argentinean crime drama about an unsolved rape/murder case set primarily in the 1970s against the backdrop of “the Dirty War.” The main character ...

Even hipster girls get a sexy makeover for the sake of entertainment

It's all about fantasy

Dear Hipster: In sci-fi, spaceship, submarine, or war movies, why are the men outfitted totally in armor, but the females have skimpy bikinis and high-heeled boots (yet never get wounded)? — Ralph From tasteless Whitesnake ...

I'm from California, don't blame me!

Composer Anthony Davis on Black History month and the Central Park Five

During Black History Month there did not appear to be huge rush to present the works of African-American composers to the San Diego classical music audience. UCSD professor/composer Anthony Davis did see two productions of ...

A distillery in a barn in a brewery

Brewery & Distillery lives up to its name, gets into spirits

Making liquor, in addition to beer, has been a part of the business plan since the beginning for Santee's BNS Brewing & Distilling Co. — it's right there in the name. Despite an early change ...

Embracing our Asian-ness

T. Rexico revisits Southern California's suburban '60s

There is nothing Mexican about T. Rexico...and they don’t sound anything like T. Rex. “Yeah, I know who they are,” says guitarist Thomas Souvannaraph. “They’re that glam band. It’s just a name our bassist Bryce ...

Well-heeled tie

A couple of $400,000 men

The long reign of San Diego State University president Elliot Hirshman as the highest compensated president of the California State University system has ended, barely. First known as the $400,000 man and blasted by governor ...

The two best films made about journalism

One story at at time

When president Donald Trump says things like the media is “the enemy of the American people,” Marty Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, responds by saying, “We’re not at war with the administration. We’re ...

Wolfman Western

There’s a reason for Logan’s surprising power and poignancy

With 2013’s The Wolverine, director James Mangold took a near-immortal, adamantium-clawed (thanks to a combination of mutation and rogue science) superhero named Logan and stuck him in a Big Sleep–style mystery movie. The results were...unimpressive. ...

Pastor Sam Nunez warns that Jesus is coming soon. "Be ready."

The Bible’s holistic message

Fallbrook Seventh Day Adventists Membership: 499 Pastor: Sam Nunez Age: 43 Born: Philadelphia, PA Formation: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen, Austria; Institute Adventist Collonges Sous Saleve, France; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI Years Ordained: 11 San Diego ...

100 feet of direct ocean frontage in La Jolla

A lightly traveled strip of sand, just for you

Beds: 7 Baths: 10 Current Owner: Jack Londen List Price: $22,500,000 The oceanfront La Jolla estate at 7400 Vista Del Mar promises prospective buyers the chance to own “a euphoric escape in one of Southern ...

From arrest to needle, he spoke only gibberish

Three poems by Susan Grace

Old Man and Girl Daybreak, like a peach in August, breakfast at the bar, china and silver — doesn’t matter, he’d drink Louisiana chicory coffee out of an old field boot. Hand-mashed blackberry toast, chewing ...

Hippies with electricity, Railroad Earth

The roots-rocking big band rolls into town for two this weekend

That old Coen brothers feature film titled O Brother Where Art Thou was in part responsible for the second coming of bluegrass music in America. The soundtrack, built almost entirely from Depression-era folk music, won ...

Insalubrious karma

Lisa Kron’s Well and 2.5 Minute Ride in repertory at the Diversionary

Lisa Kron’s mother Ann has been chronically ill for decades. So why can’t she get better? Come on. Other people do. They have ailments for years then suddenly heal and move on with their lives. ...

Hike from La Jolla Shores Beach to Torrey Pines State Beach

Miles of beach with shore birds, cliffs, and some rock scrambling

This hike offers views of breaking waves, tall, stratified cliffs, and shore birds such as the marbled godwit, whimbrel, and Heermann’s gull. Flying just above the waves you may see individuals or long lines of ...

The Würm has turned

Kid606 on the San Diego underground

“I was always under age when I lived in San Diego, so venues were mainly Ché Café, Soma, WorldBeat Center, and the occasional DIY thing,” says Miguel Trost de Pedro, aka Kid606, a 37-year-old electronic ...

It doesn’t help hunting’s cause that it’s a big pain

There are so many other ways to get your wood-to-table fix

Hipster: I was thinking about hunting the other day, and I thought it was kind of ironic that you never hear the manly man lumberjack hipsters talking about hunting. Wouldn’t that go along with the ...

Trump orders review for Soviet hacking at Oscars

Warren Beatty folds under pressure to ad lib

As pressure from Congress grows for greater public understanding of exactly what Russia did to touch off this year’s Best Picture brouhaha, the White House and President Donald J. Trump have today ordered a full ...

Beereakfast at Craft Kitchen leaves me wanting a morning nap

A steamy, spicy mess

Hmm. Chilaquiles. Coffee. Beer. Beer. My Sunday brunch. Not just me. Guy on my right is downing a pint of “Dank & Sticky IPA,” think he says. Couple on my left is full-chomp into steaks, ...

The crosswalk cover-up on Canon Street

The city’s bottom line seems more important than a dead baby

Lawsuit alleges officials were warned but failed to fix the problem.

Exasperated by landmines

Ex-Cuckoo Chaos find clarity in Exasperation

Exasperation has yet to tour, but guitarist/vocalist Garrett Prange and drummer Dave Mead first played together in 2010. Upon their recent departure from post-punk outfit Ditches after one EP, the two Encinitas natives began playing ...

Secret slacker ethics

The city’s ethics committee takes a break

As an unprecedented wave of political intrigue and big money sweeps the corridors of power at San Diego city hall, the city’s ethics committee — chaired by ex-FBI agent Clyde Fuller — has decided to ...

Dystopia, reviewed

From those who want to help to those who are disgusted by it

They Disgust Me Re: “A Dystopia of Sorts,” February 23 cover story I just wonder why Rachel and her husband thought it would be a good idea to have nine kids. I know of very ...

Stevie Nicks, Pretenders, a Redwoods Revue

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 2One of the Big Rock Shows to hit town this week pairs Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Stevie Nicks and the Pretenders at Viejas Arena at SDSU. This tour, which was supposed to ...

One of the top-grossing Mexican films of all time

And its opposite

Almost every single Mexican telenovela ends with the cliché wedding after a long, tumultuous journey. Roberto Sneider’s film You’re Killing Me Susana (Mexico, 2016, Cuévano Films) is the story of what happens after the “happily ...

Desert Daze, Shins, Six Organs

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 5There’re two Big Rock Shows to choose from Sunday night, as funk-rock Angelenos the Red Hot Chili Peppers take the stage at the Valley View Casino Center at the Sports Arena end of the ...


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