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Albatross Street in Hillcrest loses its canyon

He said he would destroy our neighborhood

A developer’s plan to build on a canyon property in Hillcrest sparked an ever-escalating two-year dispute with the project’s immediate neighbors. As the differences have become more contentious, one or the other side has appealed ...

Hot wax and new ones and zeros

September's San Diego record roundup

Bastille Day, the new full-length from instrumental-experimental dream-jazz trio Gunther’s Grass, debuts September 8 at Teros Gallery. “In the past ten years, we’ve only performed two or three times,” says Marcelo Radulovich. “I’ll be droning ...

Kissed Alive drummer well after heart attack

Tribute band to return to Campland stage September 15

For the past seven years, veteran local drummer Jason Lee has played in the Kiss tribute band Kissed Alive. “My first heart attack happened when I was in Target six years ago. I started having ...

Trump stalking

Navarro maintains influence through proximity

Economist Peter Navarro, the onetime perennial San Diego candidate for office who is now one of Donald Trump’s top trade advisors, has his own way of influencing policy, according to Politico. “Navarro has earned a ...

Sycamore Den's bartender apologizes profusely

Cringe-worthiness turns to buzz-worthiness

The Stalk Market is Sycamore Den’s newest cocktail, and according to Sycamore bartender Jesse Ross, this liquor-based commodity’s success stems from a portfolio of ingredients — including acid phosphate, the same ingredient soda jerks used ...

Local boy Dylan Moran makes good, and also makes a movie, Get Big

The kids of today

If last year’s The Edge of Seventeen felt like the kids of today as portrayed by a (smart, sensitive) grown-up, this year’s Get Big is very much the kids of today as portrayed by the ...

Misses moon shadow but not french toast

Eclipse leads to West Coast Cafe

This happened on the morning of the eclipse. I’m speed-walking down Palm Avenue, trying to get to the I.B. pier in time to catch the big event, and maybe some brekky out there at the ...

Spooky Cigarette's infectious intersection

"It’s a hardship to live but we want to do it."

Spooky Cigarette has just wrapped up a full-house set at Space Bar. The show was well-attended and the audience more than enthusiastic, yet frontman Frank Mindingall gives off little more than a sense of calm ...

Another good turn at La Mesa Walmart

The price of cream

The wife and I like cream in our coffee. So do our kids. Trader Joe’s in La Mesa charges $3.29 for a half-pint. Walmart charges $4.14 for a full pint. I resolved to make the ...

Fall's hottest concerts

Les Nubians, Parachute, Dreadnought, and Black Pistol Fire announce dates

Jazzy French afrobeat duo Les Nubians is on their Up Close and Personal tour, celebrating 20 years of being one of the few French-language musical groups to score hits in America, like the R&B-flavored “Makeda,” ...

Starbucks client may be working a bold departure from mainstream nonmainstreamism

Or meeting Tinder date

DJ: Here’s a couple of softballs for you: (1) What do you think of an apparent hipster walking past one of the hippest coffee shops in SD to visit a Starbucks? (2) Does living life ...

SDSU’s newest rainmaker

The school is looking for a big-dollar fundraising powerhouse

As San Diego State University and a group of loyal alumni continue to wage war against SoccerCity, the proposal by some wealthy La Jolla hedge-fund managers to convince city voters to give them control of ...

Japacha Peak — like Cuyamaca without antennas

Chaparral and mixed conifers

While Cuyamaca Peak gets all the fame as being San Diego County’s second-highest peak at 6512 feet, its lesser-known neighbor to the south, Japacha Peak, sports panoramic views without antenna towers adorning the summit. This ...

Earl Thomas, back from Europe (again)

"He admitted to me later that they had trashed the room."

Earl Thomas, the soulful belter from Pikeville, Tennessee, who started singing the blues locally after getting kicked out of the Navy for being gay, has released 15 albums. He has recorded with the late BB ...

The subtle distinctions of a five-star rating system no longer apply

The meaninglessness of OMG

Dear Hipster: What’s the deal with adding exclamation marks to everything?! Emails! Texts! They’re everywhere! It’s like everybody is just super excited all the time! When did we start overpunctuating?! — Just an Excitable Boy ...

Border Angel supporters continue to sound off

And was the crossword puzzle gimmicky?

Making America Great Again Re: “You Left Water in the Desert for Illegals?”, cover story, August 16. So who says that our fearless leader is not being (somewhat) effective? Just read the first column of ...

The Indians Who Rocked the World

Rumble opens at Ken Cinema September 1

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World, is a new documentary that celebrates the contributions Native American musicians made to popular music. The film tells the stories of artists such as Link Wray, Robbie Robertson, ...

Best events for Labor Day weekend in San Diego

Barona powwow, beach polo, and sand sculpting ... or just eat a lot of bacon

Thursday | 31 Festival of Sail More than 20 tall ships and other vessels from around the world will be on display August 31 through September 4 in San Diego Bay. The Parade of Sail ...

Live just north of Bird Rock for special price: $14,888,000

Designed by noted local architect Claude-Anthony Marengo

“This astounding La Jolla estate exemplifies the best of modern luxury,” promise listing materials for the newly constructed blufftop home at 5910 Camino de la Costa. Located just north of Bird Rock, the luxury residence ...

No one calls Thundercat Stephen Bruner

Call him a mighty fine R&B and funk singer instead

Thundercat claims Miles Davis as an inspiration, along with jazz bassist Ron Carter and a pianist named Mary Lou Williams who was mostly active during the golden era of jazz, but you’d have to dig ...

Horton Plaza has gone to seed

Even the Ben & Jerry’s is gone

On my first morning in San Diego — July 1995 — I set off walking toward downtown. I was young and I didn’t know anybody, so I went to be where people were. Once there, ...

Sleep Monster Growls Beneath the Mattress

And you, my monster, please don’t disappear

I Go to School in America At 5 AM I stir from sleep. go to school in America. Deep bruise sky lightens into cool streaks of purple, gray. Rooster calls the sun to the horizon; ...

Judge orders Jehovah’s Witnesses to release molestation files

Eighteen years of horror in Linda Vista

Did Jehovah’s Witnesses’ policies create a “pedophile’s paradise”?

Orthodox priests attracted attention in Coronado

"Who are you guys?"

Membership: 670 families Pastor: Father Bratso Krsic Age: 46 Born: Crnojevic, Serbia Formation: The Holy Three Hierarchs Seminary, Southern Croatia (five-year high school); St. Sava Serbian Orthodox School of Theology, Libertyville, IL; Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, ...

Union-Tribune, apple of Jobs’s eye?

The latest L.A. Times shake-up

The carnival that is Chicago-based newspaper chain tronc’s attempt to boost plunging revenue and circulation picked up another colorful act last week with the announcement that L.A. Times publisher and editor Davan Maharaj was being ...

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