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  • Harbor Police responded to the Laurel Street Anchorage for a person that was in the water. Upon Harbor Police arriving, the subject was out of the water with no injuries. HPD assisted the boater with righting his capsized dinghy and retrieving most of his belongings.
  • 911 call reporting a sting ray puncture at Tourmaline Surfing Park. Lifeguard transports victim to South Pacific Beach for treatment.
  • Lifeguard requests medics to La Jolla Shores for a 30 year old male with uncontrolled arterial bleeding. Patient AMA.
  • 911 caller reports 46 year old male fell off the West Wall at the Casa and broke his lower leg. Lifeguards on scene with Fire and Medics, patient transported to Scripps La Jolla.
  • 911 caller reports 48 year old male with sting ray puncture. Unit 34 treats with hot water.
  • Mission Bay Yacht Club reports (via VHF 16) missing 12 year old male in a 8’ Sabot. Rescue 3 locates in turning basin and reunites with chase boat.
  • 911 caller reports 41 year old male fell off cliff into water. Rescue, Lifeguards, Fire, Medics and PERT unit respond. Rescue 5 sends swimmer in for water rescue and transport to reception dock. Patient (5150) meets with medics and elopes before PERT arrives on scene.
  • SD Fire dispatch request assistance for a sting ray puncture 300 yards north of Scripps Pier. Medic 50 and Engine 15 walk the mild patient out without any Lifeguard contact.


  • Harbor Police stored a small dinghy that was found adrift near the Grape Street piers.
  • Stingray victim at Blacks’ Beach by Citizens Trail. 30 year old male with routine stingray wound. Treat and release.
  • Stingray victim at Blacks Beach. Victim is thirty minute walk north of Citizens Trail. Lifeguard locates and treats and releases.
  • Call reported as trash being burned on the beach by person living in a cave. Location was Osprey and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Lifeguard Sgt. meets with SDPD and discovers cave unoccupied. Clear, SDPD and LG will check back later.


  • Harbor Police stored a small dinghy that was found adrift near the B-Street Cruise ship pier.
  • Lifeguards respond to vehicle fire on Fiesta Island. Fire also responds. Vehicle fire put out by Fire.
  • Lifeguards respond to 37yr old stingray patient near Felspar. Lifeguards treat and transport. Fire and Medics updated.
  • Lifeguards respond to a kite boarder in Sail Bay. False call, kite boarder is fine and swims to shore.
  • Lifeguards respond to a report of a stand up paddle boarder in distress at the tip of the channel entrance. False call, boarder is clear and in no distress.


  • Harbor Police were called to a dinghy that was adrift near the downtown area. HPD located it and returned the dinghy to its owner. Inside the dinghy they found a small inflatable dinghy that was deflated and packed inside a large bag that did not belong to the owner. HPD impounded the small inflatable.
  • Report from SDFD of blind man led off cliff by K-9 and falling 15’. Location was NPB near “Pump house” at foot of Loring St. 52 year old male extricated by LG’s and SDFD via “walk out”. Medics treat and release.
  • Possible abandoned vessel at South Shores Ramp area reported by SDPD. RP watched a man launch a vessel from a trailer and let it float away. Vessel floated to shore and man drove away. Lifeguard Marine 1 impounded vessel.


  • Call from SDPD a man walking his dog on the beach found some belongings and was concerned they were from a swimmer. 24-Sam and a lifeguard rescue vessel respond. Swimmer is located on the shore safe.
  • USCG helo responds to a VHF call for kayakers in the water off Pt La Jolla. Jet-3, a rescue board and a lifeguard rescue boat respond. Jet three rescues two victims and the lifeguard rescue vessel tows the kayak.
  • Vessel in distress south of OB Pier. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds and tows to the turning basin and vessel assist is called for assistance.
  • Uncontrolled vomiting at the OB tower Medics requested and Pt is treated by medics.


  • Harbor Police are investigating a fraud case where an unknown subject called a local fuel station and attempted to receive payment for electrical services. The subject claimed he was working with SDG&E.
  • Unit 24 X reports a 64 year old male with a head injury. 2 Sam, Engine 21and Medic 21 respond and transport patient to Scripps La Jolla.
  • FCC reports 2 vehicles entrapped in waist deep water and 1 person trapped in vehicle. 3King & 3River respond with Engine 1 to 24th and Pershing. Person self-extricated.


  • Harbor Police are investigating a collision where a brand new power boat struck the Zuniga Jetty. The vessel’s outboard motors and hull sustained major damage.
  • Harbor Police assisted a couple of fishermen that were forced off of their boat and onto the rocks on the Zuniga Jetty when their boat lost power and drifted into the rocks.
  • Lifeguard requests medics for a female who appears to be in her 30’s not alert, but breathing and possibly intoxicated. E-20 and M-21 respond and M-21 transports to an unknown location.
  • Harbor Police were dispatched to a vessel that lost power and drifted up against a naval pier in south San Diego Bay. An HPD vessel towed the vessel away from the Navy pier and assisted them back to the National City launch ramp.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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