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A companion for fans and bands navigating the 2015 music scene

Invigorating and exhausting, the hallmarks of a healthy music scene. We've got your backline, San Diego.

Walk All Over You

The stiletto boots in the back of my closet are restless, long to stroll the 3rd Street Promenade, looking for a red silk bustier. A Louis Vuitton bag. A lover who won’t let me down. ...

Western networkings

Onstage is the favored setting for local melodic-punk band Western Settings. Since playing their first show in October 2013, the band has played more than 60 gigs, toured twice, and recorded two albums. Their new ...

My spirit will live in the presence of God

Looking forward to no more sin, racism, sexism, murder, or deception.

Chefs’ secret

Flavor, taste, and pleasure materialize in a most unexpected location.

“Oh, no. This is free. You get this when you order a main dish.”

Teen Burgermeisters

While “Burger Revolution” sounds like it might be the latest craft-beer eatery, it is a concept from Fullerton-based Burger Records that invites local promoters to throw concerts or other music-related happenings in their towns on ...

To get the Trowbridge Computer

City attorney Goldsmith helps expedite action against Cory Briggs

Judging by documents filed by San Diego Tourism Marketing District attorneys, the argument as to whether the hotel tax is legal rests on a legal technicality that could be found on a deceased man's computer. ...

Deadbeat Doug

The computer-services outfit determined to collect on a federal court judgment of $466,310 against Manchester Financial Bank, a putative venture of U-T San Diego owner Douglas Manchester, is still trying. The financial institution never got ...

Happy Fangs' first record could be its best

If you asked me to make a top ten list of my favorite bands of the year thus far, this San Francisco–based garage band would be somewhere near the top. Happy Fangs’ first full-length CD ...

The Old Globe stages The Twenty-Seventh Man

Fellow travelers

Their crime: they compose in Yiddish, “from right to left on the page.”

360 degrees of spectacular

Plenty of color on the journey to Cuyamaca Peak

Hike to the roof of San Diego County and see Mexico and Arizona from one spot.

Dis the DST

If only more people were "over it"

Dear Hipster: I direct this question to you, because I feel that the world at large ought to be “over it” in regards to Daylight Savings Time and because hipsters are the masters of being ...

Bonspieling San Diego

Sweeping is harder than it seems

‘We are the only curling club in San Diego. There are five in the state — three in SoCal and two in Northern California.” On the phone with Brian Walsh, 40, president of Curl San ...

It's just death

Screenwriter Ol Parker discusses The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The 2012 film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel pulled in $137 million worldwide on a $10 million budget, numbers that seem especially impressive when you consider that the film was about, in the words of ...

Touched by the hand of Mod

Inside the San Diego broad church scene

“Mod” has often been described as a “broad church.” Ask ten of its disciples to define it and you’ll get ten different answers, or forty. Well, a lot suffer from Quadrophenia, don’t you know. From ...

Fix the cracks, leave the potholes

Road repair dilemma in Chula Vista

Screaming the loudest for road repair is a waste of time.


Tijuana’s nightlife is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Baja and San Diego have a long history of partying together. These days, the atmosphere is less belligerence and more participants. Promoters from both sides work together to throw underground shows at new and inventive ...

The visionary behind the Help Neil Catch Fish Foundation

Keith Berkley, fisherman, construction guy, and big brother.

“This is it. My bones are here. San Diego is the best place on Earth.”

Sound science

Music of a different stripe

The creative-music scene at UC San Diego has long been a magnet for adventurous musicians from all over the globe. There is a singular sense of exploration and an emphasis on the new that separates ...

Million-dollar Annie

Word that Ann Spira Campbell, formerly number two at the San Diego Opera, has become the senior executive director for principal gifts at UCSD has tongues wagging among local rainmakers. The ex-wife of former opera ...

Crowd sourcing

San Diego music festivals past and present

What makes a music fest work in San Diego? Ten-thousand pounds of crayfish. That, plus accordions, those metal washboard things you wear on your chest, and Mardi Gras beads. Many San Diego music fests have ...

Space for one big yacht and two little ones in Coronado

Situated on the edge of an inlet to the Coronado Cays, the luxury estate at 1 Spinnaker Way offers “the largest, most private, un-matched unobstructed bay and channel views from nearly every room,” according to ...

Hock and roll

Treasure troves of used gear

A songwriter looking for material could do worse than to work in a pawn shop. Moris Adato, the general manager of CashCo pawn shop in City Heights, hears the type of stories that make for ...

Maximum cryptic effect

Finally, a formula that determines the coolness of trends

Dear Hipster: My friend told me she really wants a Herschel backpack, which I notice has become super trendy in the past couple years. This got me thinking about the relative coolness of fashionable clothing ...

End of days for Ché Café?

Letter from UCSD administration suggests campus collective gets out before they're put out

The Ché Café Collective must get out or the sheriff’s will lock them out. That was the bottom line of a letter sent to the collective and distributed Tuesday evening from UCSD Vice Chancellor of ...

Where the jazzcats jam

Seven Grand vs 3rd Space vs 98 Bottles

“I’m in it for the love of the music, I don’t get rich on doing this,” trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos tells the Reader on a static-heavy cell phone call from the Las Vegas airport. “I’m proud ...

Wired for sound

Music venues as a metaphor for The Wire

Last year was a bloodbath for local music venues. So before we start our rundown of venues rocking 2015, we would like to pay homage to our fallen comrades of 2014, the clubs that won’t ...

Studios for let

Where to book your next project

Sure, you can self-record your album in your bedroom with a laptop, some software, and a few decent mics. Or, you could go the traditional route in a recording studio. But where to book your ...

Holy cows!

March 3 dock totals 6 Anglers aboard the Josie Lynn 1/2 Day AM run caught 6 Sculpin and 24 Rockfish The Daily Double 1/2 Day AM with 20 Anglers aboard reported 64 Rockfish, 10 Lingcod, ...

Kilroy’s killjoys

The foundation of J. Douglas Pardee, former chairman of the board of the big housing development outfit that bears the family name, has been spreading the wealth to San Diego State University’s public broadcasting operation. ...

Bands to watch

Anyone who has flipped through the music section of the Reader has seen the names of countless local acts listed under the banners of countless venues. In fact, there are so many bands in this ...

You need A Place to Bury Strangers, goth bot

...and the rest of the highlights from Sunday night through humpnight

Sunday 8I’ve been poked a lot lately about the Districts, a Smalltown, Pennsylvania–based four-piece that takes its folk-rocking seriously. The music-making/vocalizing part, that is, the touring of which is a carnival of sorts. These boys ...

Tweak, Tap, Viet Cong...

...and the best of the rest in the San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 5Tweak Bird bird bird, bird is the word... Now that you’ve got that stuck in your head (you’re welcome), I’ve got to tell you, Crawler followers, we have got one wicked week of shows ...

When one door closes...

"There’s definitely not enough venues, especially with the closing of the Ché [Café].” Singer/guitarist Joshua Kmak laments the fact that while the scene is plumping up — thanks in part to garage-rock combos such as ...

Readers share their thoughts

The American Fighting Man I picked up the Reader as I was on my way to the VA hospital in La Jolla, and I read the miserable nonsense of Mr. Josh Champlin (“Shane Held a ...

Rest in Peace, Dialup Dad

They never did anything on their own unless the other person was included.

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