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There was a dorado in the counts caught from a 3/4 day 6-pac and the tuna and 'tails are out there, but are not treating all boats equally. As the schools can move far in a day and they are scattered, it can be a lot of searching and a little catching or the other way around. Just know all the crews want to find the fish and work hard for their clients.

This weekend, the Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout will take place in the San Diego area so the near and offshore areas should have a few extra boats on the hunt. Be interesting how many sportboats get called in on a bluefin find by yellowtail hunters.

For those south of the border, there is another yellowtail tournament in Bahia de Los Angeles a few hundred miles south of San Diego on the Sea of Cortez. It is the 6th Annual Ralph “Padre” Lucas Yellowtail Tournament, June 25-27, put together by the very active Baja club, Vagabundos.

35 anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 day am run boated 121 rockfish and 1 sheephead.

3 lingcod and 80 rockfish were caught by the 25 anglers aboard the Dolphin 1/2 day morning run. Their pm 1/2 day with 24 anglers at the rail reported 43 calico bass, 50 mackerel and 71 rockfish caught. 40 of the calico bass were released.

30 anglers aboard the Legend overnight run teamed up for 2 bluefin tuna and 22 yellowtail.

The Malihini 3/4 day run with 23 anglers aboard returned with 4 rockfish, 3 bonito and 7 bluefin tuna in the sacks.

52 anglers aboard the Premier am 1/2 day run hefted 5 calico bass, 145 rockfish, 1 cabezon and 1 sand bass over the rail.

The Fisherman III with 20 anglers aboard on an offshore 3/4 day run only found 2 bluefin tuna willing to bite.

Fishing just of the kelp edge, 36 anglers aboard the Premier 1/2 day afternoon run boated 1 lingcod, 50 rockfish, 1 sand bass and 45 calico bass.

The Oceanside 95 overnight trip with 22 anglers aboard reported 1 bluefin tuna and 33 yellowtail.

The Sea Trek ran offshore with 23 anglers aboard and found just 1 yellowtail and 2 bonito on the 3/4 day run.

14 anglers aboard the New Lo-An 1.5 day trip loaded the hold with 48 yellowtail, 6 bluefin tuna and 15 yellowfin Tuna.

25 anglers at the rail aboard the Daily Double 1/2 day morning run boated 6 sand bass, 3 calico bass, 2 sculpin, 2 cabezon, 4 sheephead, 131 rockfish and 1 lingcod. 35 anglers aboard their pm 1/2 day run caught 98 rockfish, 3 calico bass, 1 halibut, 2 rubberlip seaperch, 6 sand bass and 1 sculpin.

The Mission Belle 3/4 day run with 19 anglers aboard reported 7 calico bass, 1 yellowtail, 1 barracuda and 3 rockfish.

212 rockfish were caught by the 63 anglers aboard the New Seaforth morning 1/2 day run. 55 anglers aboard their pm 1/2 day run boated 194 rockfish. Their twilight trip with 38 anglers at the rail returned with 87 rockfish, and 1 whitefish in the sacks.

El Gato Dos with 6 anglers aboard their morning 1/2 day run called in 25 rockfish and 3 sculpin as the day's total catch. They ran back out for the afternoon with 2 anglers and reported 1 yellowtail caught.

1 bonito and 1 dorado were reported caught by the Alexes 3/4 day run with 6 anglers aboard.

Tough fishing for the 26 anglers aboard the Tribute overnight run, as only 1 bluefin tuna and 3 yellowtail were caught.

The San Diego reported 1 bonito, 8 yellowtail, 23 calico bass and 8 rockfish for the 23 anglers aboard their 3/4 day run.

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