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How San Diego comedians got their start

How dare you not like me!

Jocose journeymen offer counsel.

San Diego bands kicking off 2016 with new music

Record-release roundup

This week, Nathan Williams’s Ghost Ramp Records is launching a monthly subscription service featuring exclusive vinyl releases, starting with a Wavves/Best Coast 7-inch, a Wavves/Cloud Nothings 7-inch, and a Sweet Valley 12-inch, with more to ...

Weatherbox on tour with Satan

"It was very painful. I had to go to a mental hospital for a while.”

Weatherbox founder Brian Warren explains why his fans would appreciate Entertainment Law, one of the three bands opening for him Sunday at the Ché Café. “They have three ex-Boxists.” There are three ex-members of Weatherbox, ...

While I.B. is still I.B.

Chewing the fat (and mussels and chicken) with Ken

“Name’s Ken,” says the guy on the right. “As in ‘Ken, still looking for Barbie.’"

Mr. Tube's a big band with a big backstory

Pall Jenkins and company take the stage at Soda Bar Saturday night

Fans of the Black Heart Procession or anything that hometown singer/guitarist/composer/producer Pall Jenkins has ever done will love Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects. Their story begins in the 1950s when a failed stuntman named ...

Cops on bikes

Top-dollar Shimanos on order: one medium, four large, one extra-large

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department wants to join the bicycle age in high-priced style, with an order for six “high quality fully assembled police patrol bicycles with lighting systems, gear bag rack, gear bag ...

The show can't go on

“I asked him if everything was okay. He said no, and he just fell backwards.”

Past San Diego shows that turned serious as a coronary.

Bible in one hand, newspaper in the other

Pastor Jonathan Doolittle of Concordia Church takes some questions

Clairemont Lutheran Church Membership: 800 Pastor: Jonathan Doolittle Age: 50 Born: Columbus, OH Formation: Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH; Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, IL Years Ordained: 21 San Diego Reader: How long do you ...

Siri, are the Chargers moving to L.A.?

Battle of the talking apps

I clamber out of bed, make for the kitchen and coffee. While passing through the living room a thought arises, “There’s too much Apple dreck in my life.” I have a second-generation iTouch with a ...

One of the last free-flowing rivers in Southern California

Follow the Santa Margarita River Trail

The Santa Margarita River Trails are managed by the newly merged Live Oak Coalition and the Fallbrook Trails Council. Through an agreement with the Fallbrook Public Utility District, which owns the property, the nonprofit group ...

I don’t know why I’m a musician, because I don’t really care about music

Joe Garrison is a musical survivalist. The 64-year-old jazz and new music composer has shaped his artistic life to favor more beginnings than ends. Like his hero, Igor Stravinsky, he’s learned that to reinvent himself ...

The best of 2015’s year-end events

Go out like a lion balloon in the Holiday Bowl parade

Friday | 25 Jungle Bells A chance to see exotic animals at night makes an evening visit worth a trip, and through January 3 the zoo is also decked out with holiday lights and special ...

Tarantino opens wide

Reading Cinemas projection guru John Sittig discusses what it took to bring The Hateful Eight to a theater near you

No sooner was it announced that 100 theaters across America would be screening Ultra Panavision 70mm prints of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight than images of a big hulking thingamajig from another era, lying dormant ...

Cracker, Camper, and the Sharknado debate

Camper will be tackling its 1988 album Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart in its entirety

David Lowery’s dueling musical outfits, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, are in town to play their annual year-end concert at Belly Up on Sunday. The decade-long tradition, however, features a twist this year. Lowery tells ...

Get the place next door and have an acre in La Jolla

Watch the sunset from your “resort-inspired backyard”

Current Owner: Geranium Limited | Beds: 8 | Baths: 9 | List Price: $12,500,000 This edition’s “spectacular custom estate” is “located in The Shores, a highly desired La Jolla neighborhood” less than a quarter-mile from ...

Zine lovers laugh in the face of print’s death

Crashing the third annual Zine Fest at Bread & Salt

Maybe the multiple breakfast beers deserve some credit, but when I arrive at the third annual San Diego Zine Fest at Bread & Salt community center on an early October afternoon, the place feels brimming ...

Scripps, the mother of diving

Put on a scuba tank, count some species

A biologist from China and graduate student at Scripps Institute during World War II, C.K. Tseng was the institute’s first scientific diver. In 1944 he used Japanese equipment, which pumped air to him from the ...

The Sess' seven-year itch

“There was really nobody there to tell us that we were on the right path"

The Sess was burnt out when they disbanded in 2008. However, they’re feeling inspired again while rehearsing for their reunion show at Soda Bar on New Year’s Eve. Soda Bar talent-buyer Cory Stier said it ...

Two Christmas Poems

Native Scene The beasts of Jerusalem will murder him, but in the meantime the beasts of Bethlehem warm him with their breath. — Giovanni Papini Nights are still cold on the starry hillside; Dew still ...

San Diego won’t be any more affordable next year

Economy could go up — or blow up

"The weakest recovery in history will not become the longest in history.” Thus speaks Kelly Cunningham, economist for the National University System Institute for Policy Research. From late 2007 to early 2009, the United States ...

Attempt to print something of quality

Half your magazine consists of ads; the other half consists of articles written by neighborhood nitwits

One-Sided and Prejudiced I am an American who is a Roman by blood and a Roman Catholic by religion. Your one-sided and prejudiced statement about Charles Chiniquy does you no credit. In fact, you have ...

Turn on the Faucett

Prolific campaign-giver "oversees the Chamber’s day-to-day operations"

An ex–Kevin Faulconer assistant, whose most recent gig for the Republican San Diego mayor was as a member of his ill-starred Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group, has bagged a mayoral appointment to the board of the ...

A very Casbah Christmas

Schizos go Stone Cold on Thursday, Blasters light it up Saturday night

Thursday 24Happy hols, y’all. The clubbety crawler’s going to be understandably low on quantity this holiday week, but bulging with big-Q Quality. For inst., Thursday night rings in the Casbah’s annual Exile on Kettner, where ...

Camper Van Cracker, OFF!, Luna, Tijuana Panthers

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 27There are two kinds of alt-rock fans: Cracker fans and Camper Van Beethoven fans, so the frontman for both bands, David Lowery, has got you covered. In advance of their split bill at Belly ...