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In honor of warriors

Volunteers lay 750,000 wreaths at national cemeteries

It was a cool, maybe even cold morning by San Diego standards, as some volunteers began to arrive just before sunrise at the Miramar National Cemetery on Saturday, December 12. Their purpose was to support ...

Border Patrol agent crossed the line

Concealed video camera in ladies' room — 21 months in prison

United States supervisory Border Patrol agent Armando Gonzalez was sentenced today (December 14) to 21 months in prison for secreting a camera in a women's restroom to capture images. The camera had been placed in ...

Let's fill some swimming pools!

Desalination plant opens in Carlsbad

“Now serving Pacific on Tap” was the slogan of the day December 14, when the San Diego County Water Authority announced the full operation of the largest desalination plant in the Western hemisphere. In actuality, ...

Karl Strauss fast-tracks a popular stout

Beers of different ages

For beer week this year, Karl Strauss and Monkey Paw bottle released a long-brewing collaboration under the French name Deux Amis (Two Friends). Monkey Paw's contribution, a three year Bourdeaux barrel-aged strong ale, was blended ...

Surfers in over their heads in overhead surf

Lost boards and head injuries abound

12/6 While on patrol vessel Guardian noticed a stolen dingy attached to recent impound released vessel. Owner of dingy states he wishes to press charges. Marine III with 124 John take 2 persons into custody ...

Dog bites owner, both reportedly arrested

Christmas craft fair turns bloody, a dozen police show up

I was headed down to the craft fair at the end of Newport Avenue in O.B. on Saturday, December 12, at around 2:30 p.m., hoping to get a little Christmas shopping done. Instead, I came ...

Warriors' brotherhood center stage

A Disappearing Act not to be missed

Delia Knight’s Disappearing Act centers around Alex, a Marine struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. As he encounters the realities of war, each time he returns on leave, he and his loved ones must try to ...

Brahms and Berlioz at San Diego Symphony

Musical and then spectacle

Brahms once again proved to be the go-to composer for Maestro Ling and the San Diego Symphony. I can’t think of another composer whose music has been so consistently excellent within the confines of the ...

IB Street Tacos

“You should try it. They’re the real thing. ’Specially the battered shrimp. Or the octopus.”

The sign looks new: IB Street Tacos. Now Open. It’s been slung up on a banner above the street frontage. Always suspicious when a place says it has “street tacos.” Means it’s actually middle class, ...

Escondido gas to cost less than $2/gallon?

“It’s our strategy to attract more business. We want more customers.”

As of 5:00 p.m. on December 12, the U.S. Gas station at 445 West 5th Avenue, at the corner of Centre City Parkway in Escondido, sold the lowest-priced regular gas in San Diego County. In ...

More Filner business to settle

Complaints allegedly fell on communications director's deaf ears

Tomorrow, December 15, attorneys for the City of San Diego will update councilmembers and the mayor on one of four unresolved legal cases stemming from former mayor Bob Filner's sexual harassment scandal. The case to ...

Let’s Be Friends

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