Are most surfers okay in waves smaller than ten feet?
  • Are most surfers okay in waves smaller than ten feet?
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While on patrol vessel Guardian noticed a stolen dingy attached to recent impound released vessel. Owner of dingy states he wishes to press charges. Marine III with 124 John take 2 persons into custody and the vessel impounded.

911 caller states a surfer is stuck on the rocks at Osprey. 1Sam, 2 Sam, 5Lincoln, Rescue43 and SDFD Engine 22 responds. Victim picked up by Unit 1Sam wetseat and relocated to no surf by Jet 1.

RP states a male surfer has suffered a head injury at Big Rock. Unit 32 and 3 Sam respond with Engine 16. After Paramedics evaluate, the patient AMA’s.


Harbor police responded to a vessel adrift by North Island, Coronado. Harbor Police vessel unit kept the vessel from running aground while Vessel Assist was dispatched to take possession of the boat.

911 caller reports a surfer lost his board and is not able to make it into shore due to the large surf. Rescue 5, 1 Sam, Jet 2, 2 Sam respond. Rescue 5 is able to rescue the swimmer and Jet 2 is able to rescue the board and another surfer who is struggling on the inside. The surfers are transported back to our dock and driven back to Ocean Beach.

During the last rescue Jet 2 was pushed into another surfer on the inside. The surfer claimed his elbow was injured in the process. The medics were called to respond along with SDPD to write up a vessel accident. The patient eloped when he found out the cops were on the way. Clear.

SDFR cad system call of a Medical Aid at 1500 Quivira way. AMR 87 on scene and transport to unknown location.

SDPD reports a Biplane trying to make an emergency landing on Fiesta Island. Multiple resources respond that direction. The biplane circles Fiesta Island and is redirected to Lindberg Field where they make a safe landing.


Lifeguards respond to Santa Clara for a female with head injury due to a surfing accident. Lifeguards treat and release.

Lifeguards respond to 1129 Sunset Cliffs for a person stuck on cliff with unknown injuries. Cliff response requested yet all units cancelled when patient elopes.


Call box call for a 14 year old male stung by a sting ray at Tourmaline. U-25 responds and transports the patient to Pacific Beach tower for treatment.


Harbor Police issued a citation to a vessel in north San Diego Bay for not having proper navigational lights.


Harbor Police responded to a hazardous spill in the Sunroad Marina. It was determined that the substance was diesel fuel. HPD is investigating.

Harbor Police responded to the Chula Vista Marina to investigate suspicious circumstances involving an unknown subject diving under boats for long periods of time. HPD is still investigating.

Second hand report of hypodermic needles on the beach at De Anza cove. A lifeguard vehicle responds to check the area but is unable to locate any needles.

VHF call from a 22 foot vessel about to go onto the rocks. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and the vessel is back under power after clearing their prop.


Harbor Police responded to the Berkeley Ferry at the San Diego Maritime Museum for a person who fell while decorating the Berkeley for the holidays. The person was treated for minor injuries and released.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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