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Pump 'n dump? Nope. Forge 'n dump

Real estate swindlers preyed on internet buyers and others in a hurry

San Diego has its variation on the stock-market swindle of pump 'n' dump; it's forge 'n' dump. Between 2012 and 2014, a ring of schemers would forge false deeds indicating that they owned certain homes. ...

Child beggars of Point Loma

Median walkers and parking-lot strollers under a watchful eye

Leaving the Sprouts Market in Clairemont last week, I saw a young blonde woman standing at the parking-lot exit with a cardboard sign and a stroller. As I approached the exit, she leaned into the ...

North Island repair shop busts Navy's budget

Audit targets $1 billion backlog of costly fixes for aging aircraft

A big backlog of unrepaired fighter jets has been growing at the Navy's Fleet Readiness Center Southwest on North Island, and the cost of fixing the issue is likely to be steep. So shows a ...

Star-spangled drunk

Real talk about the national anthem

Let us talk "Star-Spangled Banner." First, the tune is a British drinking song — people would sing this while they got drunk and nobody had a problem with making this the national anthem of the ...

Destruction continues before the groundbreaking

Former AT&T bldg, site of future housing, also target of arson and graffiti

A July 5 fire at the long-vacant former AT&T building at 4220 Arizona Street (off the intersection of Texas Street and Howard Avenue) caused minor damage to the structure, which was already scheduled for demolition. ...

Theft a testament to soccer's popularity?

Crusaders' signs stolen — "This was not a prank"

Between the evening of June 23 and the morning of June 24, a Crusaders banner and 70 signs for the youth-soccer organization were stolen, primarily from locations on Navajo Road in San Carlos and Waring ...

Awesome and awful times at the fair

During last hour, workers are happy and ready to be done

The 2015 San Diego County Fair ended its almost four-week run at 11:00 p.m. of July 5. Just after the entry gates closed at 10:00 p.m., attendance for the 26 days was pegged at 1,503,538 ...

Two terrifying notes cue this Friday's Flix by the Bay feature

The Port of San Diego is hosting Friday Flix by the Bay this summer, a free film series held every other Friday evening at different waterfront parks. As the steward of San Diego Bay, the ...

Pornographer's Comic-Con press release

Little Italy–based company offers eyefuls of chicks and naked pictures

As entertainment promoters around the world gear up for San Diego's Comic-Con and begin firing off press releases, one from a Little Italy-based pornography purveyor stands out by promising 'Con attendees a sneak peek at ...

Nicolosi’s torpedos the competition

I can’t remember if the Aztecs won, but I’ll never forget that sandwich

It was almost 40 years ago that my boyfriend Ralph introduced me to a Nicolosi’s Torpedo Special Sandwich. I ate it while standing in the parking lot at San Diego Stadium before an Aztec football ...

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