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Ed Bedford's 1000 Cheap Eats of San Diego

How the Reader's Tin Fork column got started

He’s never seen a chafing dish that rubbed him the wrong way.

M is for the Many shows in San Diego...

...O is for the Ones I picked for you!

Sunday 11Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Love, Barn. I can do that because I run this joint.... “Remember the old Fleshtones song ‘The Girl From Baltimore’? Well, here she is! Her name is Lisa Doll and ...

Ed scarfs his 1000th Tin Fork meal after a game of craps

He celebrates by adding the hot link from Dreams for Change.

‘Oh, no. Midnight!” The guy looks at the dice. Two sixes facing up on the pavement. (Two sixes? Like, twelve. That’s why they call this roll “Midnight.”) He picks up the dice and shakes them ...

What would Quentin think?

“The only guidelines I got when I wrote the song were that it was based in 15th-century Scotland and that they [producers] wanted slightly modern-sounding music with nods to that period in time,” says Tim ...

David O. Russell in town this weekend to accept IBPF Hope Award

Fundraiser this Saturday night at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel

Academy Award–nominated filmmaker David O. Russell will be at the International Bipolar Foundation's (IBPF) fifth-annual gala fundraiser this Saturday night to accept their Hope Award. IBPF will host “Behind the Mask: Phantom of the Opera ...

One must treat all opposites analogously

From the works of Ibn Hawshab al-Kufi

The Great and Exalted has a manifestation in His own form for all eternity in this world.... He has made a man noble with that form, and all the prophets and friends of God have ...

“John McCann and Ed Brand should resign”

Reaction to Chula Vista City Council candidate’s press release

Sweetwater Union High School District trustee John McCann, who is running for Chula Vista City Council seat 1 in the June election, got an entire press release printed in the San Diego Rostra on May ...

Pop and weirdness

“I want to have babies. I want to do handstands. I want to speak Japanese.”

“My live show is a one-woman act of sorts,” says electro-opera singer-songwriter Trish Hosein, aka Trishes. “It includes beat-boxing, vocal looping and effects, and keyboard synth hooks that showcase indie-pop tunes. I think these layers ...

Rock and roll your walls

“In March I released a new series that I’ve been working on for the last year,” Bill Pierce tells the Reader. “It’s pretty focused on musicians right now. I started with the most iconic images: ...

Claustrophobes beware!

Hardy's hard life.

The last time mainstream audiences were locked in a one-character/fixed-setting experiment along this line, it was called Buried. Better to ride shotgun with Tom Hardy in high-octane mode in Locke than be trapped in a ...

Pour-over coffee, unfiltered pretense

You can taste the denim apron

Dear Hipster: Two questions. First, how did the hipster burn his mouth? Second, if I used a Melitta before it was called “pour over” does that make me hip even though I am an old ...

Love without reason

Ion gets heartbeat-close for Passion

Fosca blazes with such fervor that her fierce, unconditional devotion appears grotesque.

Stevie Perry

When Tee Henley decided to start Open Arms, America’s first female-fronted Journey tribute band, some wondered if she should change the lyrics to reflect her gender. She decided to accept the masculine-focused lyrics with open ...

What's new, pussycats?

...all the hip-hopping punk-n-roll you can handle

Thursday 8Trip-hop poet Yoni Wolf of Why? will play Ché Café with his protégé, Serengeti. Wolf had been on tour with his full band through April, but in May stripped down to “rap-only” dates, on ...

Hedgehog, teddy bear, staghorn

A wagon road in Plum Canyon is difficult to fathom.

Hike part of the California Riding and Hiking Trail to an overview of Shelter Valley.

So '90s — so 2012

DJ reminds a reader that different things are different

Mr. Hipster: Why is it okay to use the terms “moron” and “idiot,” yet “retarded” is not okay? The terms moron and idiot are former categories of retardation. Moron and idiot are used frequently in ...

The highest-priced estate in San Diego

Not interested in a horse-breeding facility? Develop it

Current Owner: Frank Vessels Family Trust Listing Price: $55,600,000 Beds (main house): 3 Baths (main house): 5 Vessels Ranch, tucked away in the rural North County community of Bonsall, could set a new record for ...

Sights not unseen

David tells Barb that sometimes it hurts to look.

“Weird stuff is entertaining in its own way. I just saw a video of an ox chasing people through a hospital. You have to admit, that’s an extraordinary happening, and that’s what makes it interesting.”

New horn in town

“It was a ballsy move,” admits 28-year-old Grammy-winning trumpeter Curtis Taylor on his relocation last January from Jersey City to San Diego. Taylor was playing hundreds of sideman gigs back East: “I didn’t realize how ...

Electricity refund? Not in California

California utility regulators want to screw you, boost company profits.

“California historically has offered one of the most constructive regulatory environments in the nation,” says Hugh Wynne, a Wall Street research analyst. Because the California Public Utilities Commission strives mightily to boost utility profits, the ...

In response

End of the Day I would like to respond to the lady who wrote the letter called “The Real Fat Lady” (May 1) and tell her to get her facts right. It was not a ...

Predawn meditation yields pocketfuls of dirt

Post Title: Added Instruments in the Canyon’s Symphony Post Date: January 22, 2014 On my first lap up the canyon this morning I had to stop momentarily to soak in the view. It was barely ...

Love of Slapstick

Come, spritz of seltzer in the face, implacable banana peel. Come, brickbats, pratfalls, amazing grace- lessness, the yowl of the schlemiel. Away with wit, you clever flights of phrase it takes a Ph.D. to explicate. ...

Let’s Be Friends

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