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Joseph Abramowitz scoffs at Alzheimer’s tests

Medical world’s biggest mystery

There aren't too many doctors on planet Earth who think like Joseph Abramowitz.

Peeved, to be sure

Newspapers call for utilities commission chief Peevey's head

This week, two events affecting Pacific Gas & Electric, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and CPUC president Michael Peevey, have ignited a firestorm of justifiable indignation. First, the City of San Bruno managed to ...

The Clams have an antique tone

Shannon and the Clams create little madhouse videos that both entertain and leave a viewer glad the real world is the way it is. Shannon Shaw’s a cherubic blonde with dark and artsy deliriums. In ...

Mr. Kilgour’s SoCal holiday

When you think New Zealand, quality rock isn’t usually what comes to mind. Back in the early ’80s, though, a small label called Flying Nun Records began churning out stimulating releases by bands such as ...

"Official ticket site," in a pig's eye

FTC nails local company for online deception

The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Connecticut have fined three online ticket resellers $1.4 million for deceptive advertising. One of the companies, SecureBoxOffice, is run out of San Diego by James Moran. SecureBoxOffice ...

Bad son

Oceanside man on trial for allegedly attacking parents

Gregory Dale Foley, 56, pleads not-guilty to the attempted murder of his 81-year-old mother and cruelty to his 86-year-old father, in a trial that began yesterday, July 29, 2014. The prosecutor played a chilling 911 ...

Firefighters call police

La Mesa fire station reports bathing man and robbery

A Bonita man was arrested on Monday night, July 28, after a couple of foiled burglary attempts, beginning at La Mesa Fire Station 12 on the 8800 block of Dallas Street. Firefighters from Station 12 ...

Strawberry blusters, bourbon finishes

Crafting Altitude’s Kentucky Buck with Jeremy LeBlanc

The 22-story high Altitude Sky Lounge stays grounded in the fundamentals of good cocktails, says head mixologist Jeremy LeBlanc. Southern cousin to the Moscow Mule, the Kentucky Buck is a great example. According to LeBlanc, ...

Rockers who write

The local music scene abounds in literary aspirations, with new and reissued books from players such as Ben Johnson, Alfred Howard, J.D. Boucharde, Wayne Riker, Justin Pearson, and Jon Kanis. Drummer and longtime Casbah bartender ...

Park it here

This spring, Duncan Solutions, a parking-meter provider from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, paid the CrisCom Company of Chatsworth, California, $5000 to lobby the City of San Diego regarding procurement of its wares. Earlier this year the city ...

Pleasure additive

An Ed-ucation in cheap, local Thai in IB, nothing tamada allowed.

‘Whu-where are we?” Yes, I’m kinda nervous. Driving with Ria, Carla’s best buddy. I mean, she’s a good driver and all, but this wagon: Volvo, 200,000 miles before the odometer stopped working, heater won’t turn ...

Between Hipsterville and Broburg

A tale of two dope cities

Dear Hipster: I find myself floating back and forth between Hipsterville and Broburg. There are times when the more intellectual and artistic ways of Hipsterville (even if they verge on pretension) appeal to me. But ...

Hold Steady Deathtrap

After a four-year hiatus, Brooklyn-based alt-rock band the Hold Steady is back on the road supporting a new disc, Teeth Dreams. They’ll be at Belly Up Thursday night, July 31. The band toured relentlessly during ...

The effect of Ether

La Jolla Playhouse as surgical theater

Just about every patented discovery has either multiple claimants or someone who got to the patent office too late.

Name Withheld

ADA Abuse Dave Good’s article (“San Diego Among Worst Postal Dog Bite Cities,” City Lights, July 24) may lead the Reader to look into the pit bull service dog connection. In Los Angeles a psychologist ...

Very, very good?

Meaningful ménage

The PR slaves at Tribeca Films want potential viewers to believe their latest release, Very Good Girls, spotlights a pact between two high school virgins, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, to enter college unchaste. All ...

With cruel glee

Ensor in his own cranky temperament

The Scandalous Art of James Ensor explores the art of the Great Distruber.

My Spoon is too big!

This week's really big rock shows for you really-big-rock-show-goers

Sunday 3There’s an early show (4p) out at Tower Bar by 30-year-strong garage punx M.O.T.O. (Masters of the Obvious). Later on you get a reunited Last Years as well as the Ferments and Badabing...or head ...

Brassy Budos, salty Clams...

...and a whole mess of other jams in the San Diego clubs this week

Thursday 31Brooklyn-via-Minneapolis alternative act the Hold Steady have held steady to their punk’d-rock form, churning out guitarist Tad Kubler’s brand of beery-brawny rawk while frontman Craig Finn sing-speaks his beery-brainy poetics, mini-epic tales of the ...

Because cyborgs

Chad's account of his time as a soldier in the battle against chair loss.

Cyborg party at the Xoo brings in a few lawn chairs.

Stone deaf

After the wildfires in San Diego this past May, some hearing-impaired viewers of television station KGTV complained to the Federal Communications Commission that the broadcaster’s so-called closed captioning didn’t work very well. The station provided ...

Dubstep speaks to me

Is the death of opera so terrible?

“When you talk about ‘classical music,’” he said, using air quotes, “you limit yourself to composers of a specific era. Why aren’t you exulting the genius of the ancient Greek composer Limenius?”

Some of that California money

Manchester hosts cash roundup for Texas candidate — $5000 gets you in

Doug Manchester, who intends to build a long-delayed hotel in Austin, is putting on a glitzy fundraiser for Greg Abbott, the Republican who is running for Texas governor against Democrat Wendy Davis. Manchester and his ...

Too hip, gotta go!

DJ: "Garfield" from 7/15 made me think of you! Did you ever hear of a guy named Frazer Smith? He was a DJ on KLOS radio in the ’80s, and he had a club called ...

A look down on Escondido from Dixon Lake

Dixon Loop Trail offers great views of the lake and city below.

Dixon Lake is a multipurpose recreation area adjacent to the Daley Ranch Open Space Preserve. Both are managed by the City of Escondido, but separately. Dixon Lake provides drinking water for Escondido, so swimming isn’t ...

City of San Diego Auditor Luna gets snubbed

The downtown corporate-welfare crowd wants an “independent” auditor.

City Auditor Eduardo Luna was promised he would be independent. But after stepping on toes of the downtown crowd, he is catching flak.

Hard to swallow

“The letter came registered mail — signature requested on July 3.” It was an eviction notice. Katie Halvin says it gave her until November 1 to vacate her Parkway Bar. She and her husband Doug ...

Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam

They are not long, the weeping and the laughter, Love and desire and hate: I think they have no portion in us after We pass the gate. They are not long, the days of wine ...

Juan’s campaign laundry

Freshman Democratic congressman Juan Vargas has many political mouths to feed. In addition to tending this year’s campaign fund, Vargas has been raising cash for his 2010 California senate election committee, which still owes about ...

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