Very Good Girls: Is that “good” as in “good,” or “good” as in “good”?
  • Very Good Girls: Is that “good” as in “good,” or “good” as in “good”?
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Very Good Girls ***

The PR slaves at Tribeca Films want potential viewers to believe their latest release, Very Good Girls, spotlights a pact between two high school virgins, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, to enter college unchaste. All bets are off when the girls both set their sights on the same sexy ice cream vendor (Boyd Holbrook).

Instead of a Little Darlings reboot, screenwriter (Running on Empty, The Bee Season) and first-time director Naomi Foner proffer evidence to the contrary with this lovely coming-of age movie about the perils of not telling the truth. Fanning and Olsen are so good together that one wishes this would be the first of many on-screen pairings. It did take a scene or two to recover from the Jules and Jim poster tacked to Fanning’s wall — even at its best, this meaningful ménage is more than a safe distance from Truffaut.

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PETsurfer Oct. 31, 2014 @ 11:49 p.m.

On a completely different chick-flick subject:

Do you know if the alternative take "Jon Eyre" was ever released? Perhaps straight to DVD? Or killed before filming? I have not hear anything about it since that news item.

I would love to check it out... my favorite Jane Eyre (gender-original) was the one starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and John Heard.


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