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Life on minimum wage at City Heights Burger King – for family of six

News from the Fight-for-Fifteen front

Minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage.

All do rejoice there in God

From A Treatise of Penance with an Explication of the Rule and Manner of Living of the Brethren and Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis

Let’s spend the night...

The Casbah’s annual Rolling Stones–themed “Exile on Kettner” was retired last year after two decades, but the venue plans to keep the tradition of playing Stones music on Christmas Eve at least one more year. ...

Interview with The Babadook writer-director Jennifer Kent

Matthew Lickona: How did you pitch this? Jennifer Kent: It’s funny, because all the things that people are liking about it are the things that the financiers said wouldn’t work. But I think it’s about ...


“I think everybody kind of left cumbia, but we’re still doing it in this weird way,” says Marco Polo Gutierrez aka Siete Catorce, a Mexicali producer who fell in with Tijuana’s ruidosón crew after performing ...

Feels like home

Moustache brings a shot of North Park to Tijuana.

Moustache has always struck me as a Tijuana twist on North Park’s Bar Pink. Both are surefire spots to run into familiar faces most nights of the week and catch (often) free live music from ...

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are a Vespa motor scooter on nitro methane

Some things don’t change. Even into their 50s, Dicky Barrett and Joe Gittleman and the band they started 30 years ago still seem like an ongoing frat-house party. After all, it was the Mighty Mighty ...

Poetry on a plate

Drawn in by the sign, “Japanese Tapas and Noodles.” Huh. Japanese tapas?

Under the stainless grill is a fire with a pleasant resinous flavor wafting up from it.

Crossover appeal

Local roasters are providing the kick desired by local brewers.

Craft brewers Ballast Point and Coronado Brewing Company recently added more hardware to their awards collections, medaling at the Brussels Beer Challenge for coffee flavored beers Victory at Sea porter and Blue Bridge stout. Sharing ...

Big money influence

Yet another former congressman is plying his trade for a San Diego biomedical outfit. The latest big name politico is Tim Roemer, a Democrat from Indiana who graduated from UCSD back in 1979. “During his ...

Meester moonlight

Two lifelong friends begin to drift apart when one grows to dislike the other’s taste in boyfriends. That’s the premise of Life Partners, a new romantic comedy opening Friday at Landmark’s Ken Cinema. Leighton Meester, ...

Cynical San Diego

Ours isn’t the first city people associate with Christmas, but the holiday has inspired many musicians with a local connection. Maybe it’s the location at the bottom west of the lower 48, but San Diego ...

Mikayo and the Gulf War

to Mikayo, an emperor among cats I went to bed early the night we attacked Iraq, was awake an hour later as if someone had tapped my shoulder, said, It’s war. I’d had a war ...

Centennial stroll

A deliberate trek through Balboa Park, 100 years later

Visit Balboa Park during the 100-year celebration of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition.

Heed old uncle Polonius

He borrowed, but maybe she shouldn't lend.

Dear Hipster: I don’t know why I’m writing you about this, but maybe you can advise. I’ve been dating the same guy for about two weeks, give or take. I like him a lot, but ...

Forest flack

When a tree falls in San Diego, who will be there to listen and how much will she or he cost taxpayers? Such are the questions posed by a job listing posted on the city’s ...

Weird aunt

Brian insisted I download another game called Geometry Dash. I did as he requested, and he excitedly gave me a tutorial. Cool Aunt Level: Unlocked.

Ten ways to beat the holiday bulge

Don’t forget about your green friends this season.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been my favorite time of the year. This year will be the first time I am away from my family for Thanksgiving, but I could not be more excited to ...

Nary an elf

Distance yourself from the seething masses with artisan wrapping paper.

DJ: What should I do if my wife and I want to wrap gifts for friends and family but we don’t like the usual holiday motifs? Call me crazy, but corpulent Santas and stylized sugarplums ...

No twang in paradise

Americana singer/songwriter Mark Stuart has ricocheted between Austin and San Diego. The homegrown founder of Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash first relocated to Texas eight years ago. “Everything except the music scene is wonderful in ...

San Diego could thrive from pain

Wars. Promiscuous printing of money. Could San Diego cash in next year?

All those troubles in the world could help San Diego's economy. So could even more easy money.

A live wreath to go with your live tree

From succulents to air plants, living holiday wreaths grow on you.

“There’s an ocean-themed wreath that uses starfish instead of poinsettias. It looks very cool.”

Phoning it in

Return of Tent City? My comments concern the article in the December 11 edition, “Black Hole Development in Little Italy” (Neighborhood News). I don’t want to rain on Mr. LiMandri’s little parade, but what kind ...


The public relations department at UCSD has long touted good news about the school’s purported academic standing, omitting the not-so-good. “The campus took the No. 18 spot in U.S. News and World Report’s first-ever global ...

A Pelican's Lot

Poem on deck

Not much to report on the fishing front for yesterday. The surf was chewed up, near and offshore conditions were horrible and only a few brave souls took a shot at some bonita from the ...