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Dark times for Hoover High School football

Friday night lights out

Ongoing conflict between San Diego Unified School District and residents next to Hoover High School: stadium lights were installed with bond money and no environmental impact report. A judge ruled that the lights should remain off for now. Nevertheless, the district plans to install stadium lights at Crawford and Point Loma high schools, as well as Kearny, La Jolla, Lincoln, Mira Mesa, Mission Bay, San Diego, and Scripps Ranch.

That speakeasy type of vibe

Mexican New York speakeasy in former strip mall

You hear it all the time: “We are not Mexico. We are not the U.S. We are Tijuana.” Just as this mentality has bred a number of cultural hallmarks that are distinctly tijuas (the Caesar ...

Navy commander caught in scheme with Malaysian businessman

Allegedly traded secrets for $100,000, hookers, and travel expenses

U.S. Navy commander Jose Luis Sanchez was arrested in Tampa today (Nov. 6) and charged with accepting prostitutes, luxury travel, and $100,000 in cash from a foreign defense contractor. Sanchez will be returned to San ...

House fire in Lincoln Park

Faulty wires suspected

A fire broke out on Wednesday, November 6, at approximately 1:00 p.m. at a residence near the intersection of Castana and Escuela streets in Lincoln Park. Neighbors watched helplessly as firefighters worked from all sides ...

Mission Valley Post Office to remain open

Area's population expected to jump from 21,000 to 40,000

On Friday, November 1, San Diego postmaster Ken Snavely informed residents that the post office located at the Westfield Mission Valley Mall will remain open indefinitely. The decision is a victory for the dozens of ...

New emergency helicopter serves Encinitas

Reach Air Medical now competes with Mercy Air

Mercy Air, the longtime sole provider of emergency medical flights in San Diego, now has some competition. On the morning of November 6, Reach Air Medical Services debuted its new helicopter to Encinitas firefighters, lifeguards, ...

Coronado Bike Loop

One of the best scenic rides in San Diego, which includes a trip on the ferry

This ride offers scenic views of San Diego Bay from downtown to the South Bay, and up to Coronado. There are sweeping views of the ocean along the Silver Strand and of downtown San Diego ...

Qualcomm stock drops on low sales estimate

Demand shift to lower-priced phone components

Qualcomm stock is down 4.29% in after-hours trading after the company told Bloomberg News that there is a shift in orders: customers are ordering more parts for cheaper handsets. The company reported sharply improved earnings ...

Where beer is liver

Ed gets some goat and the requisite banana in Little Mogadishu’s Fatuma Restaurant.

“We have the sweetest bananas in the world growing in Somalia. We Somalis have a sweet tooth.”

Cholo goth

Rafael Reyes, a self-described “cholo goth” musician who says, “Killwave, occultwave, shadowave are all outlets that I use to expose and celebrate fragments of who I am, may it be my vulnerability or, at times, my ego.” Jeepers.

Faulconer claim not "flawed" — it's a blatant lie

Mayoral hopeful and crony Sanders give false picture of city finances

The U-T this morning ran a story stating that the main claims of the candidate it favors, Kevin Faulconer, is "flawed." Actually, that claim, hawked by former mayor Jerry Sanders, is not simply flawed. It ...

New San Diego lobbyist has controversial Washington past

Inter-office dust-up hints at reason for Oscar Urteaga's termination

The newest staff lobbyist for Southwest Strategies, one of San Diego's busiest downtown influence-peddling boutiques, is a veteran ruckus-raiser on Capitol Hill, says a June 2013 account of an inter-office dustup featured in Roll Call's ...

This weekend's live music in San Diego, November 9 & 10

Saturday 9Portland’s Blitzen Trapper hits Porter’s Pub at UCSD Saturday night. The alt-country quintet is out to tout its seventh studio set, VII (I feel ya), on which the band pulls back the reins on ...

The dark and heavy of ILYA

Their acidic-sweet separation is over.

Returning from a four-year hiatus (minus a local Halloween appearance in 2011), ILYA is back in the studio wrapping up their third full-length album with two new members: guitarist Demetrius Antuña (ANA, KATA, the Dropscience) ...

Ion Theatre stages The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Jobber to the stars

The boss screams, “They’ll hate you,” which in pro wrestling is “the best news you can hear.”

Urban Jungle Brewing pulls plug

Scripps Ranch work-in-progress finished before it begins

After years of trying to get the business off the ground, Urban Jungle Brewing Company is officially a no-go. Would-be co-founder James Lombard and his partners have officially thrown in the towel, terminating the lease ...

Before picture phones

Cheech (sans Chong) and Barb party

“Oh, my God,” Molly whispered to us. “That’s Mel Brooks.” She started to laugh nervously and, soon after, Heather joined in the muffled tittering. The name sounded familiar.

Meat Puppets: Just a band

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the Meat Puppets were originally a hardcore band when they formed in 1980. From the start they mixed a little country weirdness into their sets, and, soon enough, this weirdness became ...

Geyser murders, part 2

The quivering mound of crimson-streaked grime would be the prisoner.

Attempted reconstruction of the scene of a double murder on Otay Mesa in the 1890s. They blamed the Indian, José Rafael.

Filmload of Nothing

Twenty San Diego bands featured in filmmaker Craig Rian’s independent film There Is Nothing Out Here, which premieres Thursday, November 7, at the Whistle Stop in South Park.

Son of high-roller bets on Fletcher

San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher, who already is getting major financial support for his campaign from border real estate interests, including La Jolla’s super-wealthy Jinich family, which owns a lot of land on Otay ...

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band is pretty small

Breezy Peyton reminds an observer of a line straight out of “Witchy Woman,” that old Eagle’s song where sparks fly from fingertips. Only in the case of Breezy Peyton, they actually do. “She wears these ...

In preparation for landing: San Diego Asian Film Festival

A world of cinema in our backyard

With 140 films to choose from — the program book is as thick as the city directory — spread out over ten days, a world of cinema (aka the 14th Annual San Diego Asian Film ...

Best of Beer Week: November 8

Go beer-crazy on the eighth day of San Diego Beer Week

Ballast Point Tap Takeover: For years, The High Dive has been standout Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits’ best, most loyal account. Now, it’s time for payback in the form of specialty beers that will flow ...

Bunny call

“We all had ‘Dick’ names, too,” recalls Nino Del Pesco of his onetime Snuggle Bunnies bandmate Dan McLain, aka Country Dick Montana. “It was a real wild time, especially at the Spring Valley Inn on ...

Fairly unreported trip to Mexico

Del Mar Fair general manager Tim Fennell will soon be winging his way to balmy Mexico for free, thanks to a favorable ruling from the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission. An October 14 letter to ...

Live music in San Diego (and a bit beyond) Monday–Wednesday, November 11-13

Monday 11Hip-hop hits Ab-Soul and Joey Badass, released last week from a St. Louis jail after being busted at one of their Smokers Club Tour stops, file into Soma Monday night with Underachievers and Chevy ...

Warren Buffet, Doug Manchester, Tom Gores buy newspapers

Now the nabobs can natter in the newspapers they have purchased

Fat cats are buying newspapers. Should journalists rejoice? Not yet. The nabobs’ widely varying strategies for turning around their papers have not yet been tested. Warren Buffett, the multibillionaire wizard of Omaha, has his company, ...

Greenhouse-gas emissions up in wake of San Onofre closure

New report expresses doubt state can meet 2050 pollution goals

Greenhouse-gas emissions in California were up sharply last year as compared to 2011, leading to doubts that the state will be able to meet an ambitious pollution target set in 2006. Part of the problem ...

Letters from near and far

Get over Yourself, Rolando I’m writing in regard to your City Lights story, “City Sides with Developers, Residents, Developers Again.” I really appreciated this well-written and informative news piece. It shed better light on the ...

Old planners in hock

In days of yore, the downtown law and lobbying firm of Milch & Wolfsheimer was a city hall heavyweight. Co-founder Lou Wolfsheimer was chairman of the planning commission and one of then-mayor Pete Wilson’s inner ...

In the San Diego clubs Thursday and Friday, November 7 & 8

Thursday 7“Country western acid punk, if you need to put a label on it.” Like a lot of citizens of our galaxy, I came to Meat Puppets by way of Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged set, on ...