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Forecast calls for Lightning, new beers

Poway brewery introducing several first-time and one-off brews.

She gave her son a house in Solana Beach, a new Lexus, and $130,000

He killed her, put her arm in the fridge

Details of the events that led up to the murder of Sherry Chu Chang

Food trucks cause concern near San Marcos elementary school

Narrow streets, hungry kids could be problematic

Food trucks have reportedly been causing unsafe traffic conditions while they sell snacks to children as they leave Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School in the afternoon. According to Hector Romans, the father of two daughters, ...

Help! say Allied Gardens SpringFest organizers

Onstage plea is made at recent event

The Allied Gardens SpringFest board will meet later this month to discuss the future of the two-day celebration, SpringFest president Sherry Kelly said in a May 21 interview. The 14th annual SpringFest, held last weekend, ...

Calafia confidential: mission accomplished

Ed Bedford finds a meal at Los Cristales, a restaurant at Las Olas Grand Hotel in Calafia.

The cranky conjurer

Fool me once...

If you’ve already had your fill of illusory summer movie magic, why not set aside the comic books and spend some time watching the Iron Man of misrepresentation. In the hands of crackerjack conjurer Ricky ...

Record-release roundup

“I’m doing a release show for my Great Big World solo CD at Café Ipé on Pacific Coast Highway in Leucadia on Sunday, May 26,” says former Roxy Dioxide singer/guitarist Scott Samuels, who’ll be performing ...

Lake Jennings opens for night-fishing

Recently stocked with catfish

Cars lined up for the first weekend of night-fishing at Lake Jennings on May 17. The lake — actually a water-supply reservoir — is open until midnight every Friday and Saturday night until Labor Day. ...

Battle of the riches on San Francisco Bay

I hear sailors talking

America’s Cup is coming up — only the richest and 175th richest to take part in what will be a race of catamarans.

Brothers Gow

I came away from my first Brothers Gow experience with no clear idea what manner of band I was listening to. There is no defining sound here. The music seems to be the end result ...

Lopez Canyon, Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve

This Los Peñasquitos tributary canyon has varied natural resources and a rich biodiversity of species.

Be a Good Little Widow at the Old Globe

Miscast melody

She flits about like a sand flea, never in one place, or one state of mind, for long.

Baja plates no hindrance for CHP

Heymatt: Every day I see cars here in San Diego with Baja California license plates. I was wondering if our cops can run the plates on cars that are registered in Mexico or if those ...

Rhymes to fight

A May 3 “Hip-Hop vs. Punk” event at Tower Bar gets physical outside.

Hands on the bar

The San Diego County Fair starts next month at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, but in the meantime one of the fair board members has been making good use of the facilities himself. On May 25 ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, May 23–29

Thursday 23“I’ve been starting over for a long time,” sings Mikal Cronin on this summer’s briny beaut, MCII, a heady headphone set that demands a beachside romp and a re-evaluation of what passes for garage-pop ...

Calm the F Down

Jane’s Evite said the show began at 6. My father, like me, is loath to feel rushed and is absolutely opposed to any and all kinds of tardiness. When I suggested we ride together, he ...

Unforgettable: Floating Target, part 2

Tuna clipper becomes troop transporter

YP-346 Goes to WarVincent Battaglia, machinist mate of Yard Patrol boat 346, never wore dog-tags in the engine room. No one did. Tropical heat made them so white hot they’d brand you. But on the ...

Star-gazer setup in University City

Hey Matt, I grew up in the University City area. I’m a grownup now, but I still go back up Regents and then up Pennant Way from time to time to visit Mom when she ...

As I Lay Dying in jail

A recounting of the arrest of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, suspected of attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

The job-stealing scam — Texas is the biggest con

Texas woos gunmakers — and everybody else

Today's civil war — states bribing companies to move — is a negative sum game for the nation.

“Catch my drift?”

Heymatt: I hate the phrase, “if you catch my drift.” I think it sounds stupid and it doesn’t even make much sense. What is my drift and why should anyone have to catch it? — ...

Falling for Humpty

Daniel Bucheli, a staffer for Republican congressman Darrell Issa (who has of late been watchdogging the Obama administration’s Benghazi record), recently took a two-day free trip up the road from the nation’s capital to visit ...

Really smoking

With the battle over San Diego medical pot parlors raging between the city council and mayor Bob Filner and full-on legalization unfolding in Washington and Colorado, it’s probably not too surprising that more marijuana is ...

From “A Catechism on Christian Doctrine”

Why is the Ave Maria used so often to be said for a prayer seeing there is no petition in it? Whosoever hath any suit or request that he would gladly obtain of a prince, ...

Real letters about real women

Real Women Regarding your May 9 Reader cover photo (“We Spend Every Dime on Our Costumes”) — it’s good to see real women on the face of the Reader. Best cover ever. This is great! ...

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