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Trevi: Ten inch pizza deal in the wilds of Chollas Creek

It’s the first oasis after you cross the deserted canyons from City Heights.

These are desperate times. I’ve promised Carla a meal and it’s heading for nine o’clock at night and I’m still traipsing across the bridges over the open wound they call Chollas Creek. No bus, no ...

San Diego, America's funnest city

Tecate Brewery, Stuart Collection, Palomar Observatory, Museum of Making Music

75 fun, way out-of-the-ordinary things to do in San Diego County.

Tijuana trucking disasters facilitated by residents

Land and sand co-opted out of necessity

Residents of a modest Tijuana neighborhood are as much to blame as the out-of-control tractor-trailer trucks that have repeatedly damaged or destroyed homes, wrecked cars, and claimed at least one life during the past two ...

Something in the air

Interview with Jason Farnan (aka Lieutenant Facemelter, the 2010 and 2012 San Diego air-guitar champion) about this year’s U.S. Air Guitar competition.

Rockin' Baja, Toscana, and the perfect afternoon

Ed hits a wine bar and then a lobster restaurant

With a $30 budget (and on a mission to spend every cent of it), Ed hits Toscana Café & Wine Bar and the Rockin’ Baja Lobster.

Solutions for a dirty pool

Dialysis for the swimming pool

Swimming-pool water filtration instead of replacement could save you thousands.

Bringing out Lakeside's best at Eastbound

Lakeside. Unless you live there, you probably only know it as that rodeo alcove of tweekers, rednecks, and Klansmen out past Santee. Often the butt of the joke, Lakeside touts a handful of merits that ...

Tolan Shaw's home turf

Interview with Encinitas resident Tolan Shaw, who’s releasing his first album, inspired by a seven-and-a-half-month-long trip to South and Central America.

La Jolla Playhouse stages John Guare's tour de farce His Girl Friday

Ben Hecht was a writer’s writer. He won the first Academy Award for a screenplay (Underworld, 1927). He rewrote the first nine reels of Gone with the Wind in seven days. He wrote 35 books ...

Big Laguna-Gatos Spur

Aromas of butterscotch and grape soda in Cleveland National Forest

Pines, oaks, and incense cedar on this six-mile loop of the Gatos Big Laguna Trail Spur.

Can’t keep the Birdman down

Good times

All about Miami Heat basketball player Chris Andersen’s troubles and good luck.

Milagro Farm Vineyards and Winery

Grape escape from beach boredom

Listing price: $3,500,000 Beds: 3 Baths: 3 Lot size: 110 acres Has sunning on one of the coast’s pristine beaches become a bore? Is collecting cars a bit of a drag? For San Diego’s well-to-do ...

Los Peñasquitos Lagoon sand removal, redux

Release of “urban drool” necessary for salt marsh health

San Diego city crews started sand removal from the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon on the morning of June 11. Less than a month ago, California State Parks did an emergency lagoon opening to release stagnant water ...

Accidental Bachelor: A perfect vessel

Interview with author Tim Holsten about his book The Accidental Bachelor, which touches on San Diego’s ’80s scene and pop culture.

Heart the song

Interview with Slacker internet radio senior VP Jack Isquit.

Mouthy ASL users, “South” vs. “Southern” Florida, the surname South

Why do people mouth words while using ASL? Why “South” and not “Southern” Florida? Popularity of the surname South.

Social Club

Social Club, of North Park, has invented a new genre they call “pull.” “It’s a really bad name,” says John Levan. He fronts the band, writes most of the lyrics, and sings most of the ...

Del Mar cat fight

Wrist-slaps for Border Patrol agents who should have known better

Border Patrol agents Kallie Helwig and Gerald Torello were both accused of being involved in a sex act in public at the Del Mar Fairgrounds last year that resulted in a physical altercation between Helwig and an accuser. A jury found Torello not guilty; Helwig got probation.


Squelchy Dear Ed Bedford: I don’t read everything you write, but the last five food reviews I did read used the word “squelchy.” I suggest you lose the word. It was kind of descriptive the ...

Growl and grumble

Kneel before Zod

Look! Up on the screen! It’s absurd! It’s inane! It’s Snyder’s Man! Zack Snyder sucker-punches Richard Lester’s Superman II to date Hollywood’s final say on how to film a comic book. Credit the man of ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, June 13–19

Thursday 13Portland pop-punk trio the Thermals will heat up Casbah with their sound-bit brand of socio-politiking. Hutch Harris still has one of the coolest names in rock, even if his band has succumbed to numbed ...

A Hard Place

I have been suffering from what I refer to as Cause Fatigue, brought on by a barrage of missions mowing me down on the street, at the grocery store, or wherever I am via tweets, ...

Schemmel's sweet home Alabama

JMI Sports, the big-money consulting outfit set up by controversial financier and ex-Padres owner John Moores, has picked up another client in the chronically scandal-tainted world of college athletics. This time it’s Alabama’s public Auburn ...

Some gal pal Donna Lee Darling turned out to be

Donna Lee Darling, accused of trying to kill nonagenarian Benjamin Farber, gets her day in court on June 25.

Booze, sweets, and Vargas

It took only a short time for Democrat Juan Vargas to conduct his first San Diego fundraiser as a newly elected Democratic congressman. On March 22, according to an invitation widely circulated here and on ...

Carlsbad’s Sage Creek High School to open fall 2013

Teachers want it postponed, others don’t

At the northeast corner of College Boulevard and Cannon Road, the Carlsbad Unified School District’s new high school is prepared to open this fall. After three years of processing an environmental impact report , another ...

Getting my FIX

A blogger abroad ponders if the Greek beer named “FIX” is a bit too suggestive of the nature of his beer-drinking habit.