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What am I doing in Eastlake?

It's all about the subdivisions, not the cross-streets.

Eastlake boomed and then busted in the housing crisis.

Rooftop solar users worry SDG&E will raise rates

Don’t worry, the corporation assures

There are no plans to raise rates for rooftop solar users, SDG&E spokeswoman Stephanie Donovan said in a July 30 interview. "There is nothing in the current proposed rate design," she said. The prospect of ...

Bat ray caught at Oceanside Pier

Weighs in at 48 pounds

Roscoe Riddle, 18, of Murietta, fought for 30 minutes with a large bat ray before it was hoisted onto the planks of the Oceanside Pier on July 28. The catch drew a steady stream of ...

Scotty Ziegler and his Vault

San Diego painter and "builder of all things cool" has a sweet facility downtown that's immune to the effects of sun and moon.

Polite Provisions' Ocean Side

While Noble Experiment is the worst kept secret among San Diego saloons, its sister ship, Polite Provisions, has a number of secrets yet to be discovered. “Here at Polite Provisions,” says bartender Aaron Zieske, “we’re ...

Grace Ann Piano brings visual story of indigenous cultures to Queen Bee's

Detroit native takes her solo exhibition to Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center in North Park.

Tijuana meat quality called into question

Lack of inspections, party politics blamed

Tijuana's La Segunda newspaper this week offered a report that sanitary meat — be it beef, chicken, or pork — is out of control in Tijuana, devoid of any kind of quality control or review. ...

Late-night breakfast at Swami's Cafe

Two things catch my attention: First, the song coming out of this eatery — “You Don’t Own Me.” Leslie Gore. I know it ’cause Carla sings it every time she thinks I’m pushing my weight ...

Green Valley Falls Loop

Easily accessible falls and multiple crossings of the Sweetwater River through chaparral, riparian, and meadow habitats.

Concert kryptonite

Both concert venues RIMAC and Jenny Craig Pavilion (at UCSD and USD, respectively) have had a sharp decline in shows presented there, largely due to the fact that booze can’t be sold when school is in session.

Messengers of love

A bee movie

Everything you always wanted to know about honeybees but never thought to ask is answered in the sweet documentary More than Honey. Who knew that one-third of what we eat would not exist without these ...

All shook down

Shakedown club booker Josh Barnes goes independent because new owner Anilee Griffin has changed the way things are done too much.

This week in the San Diego clubs, August 1–7

Thursday 1Since 2006, Austin-based instrumental sextet Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-more-ay) has been composing some pretty and pretty compelling Southwest musical motifs, unsung and classically stringed things that rightly raise the brow of “desert rock.” Best comp ...

Work. Party. Brawl.

Slashing at your employees at Christmastime — tsk, tsk.

Escondido taco-shop owner Juan Rivas got into an altercation with his employees a week before Christmas. Though he claimed not to have been an instigator, he did go to jail for slashing at employees with a utility knife/tool.

A road trip goes Sideways at La Jolla Playhouse

They’re wedded to avoidance behavior, abetted by gallons of vino fino.

Purple Filner eaters

Does icPurple, that so-called independent expenditure committee set up by La Jolla computer mega-millionaire Ted Waitt to back Nathan Fletcher’s run for mayor last year, have a big future? Ex-Assemblyman Fletcher, who switched from Republican ...

Son Volt

Son Volt: better than Uncle Tupelo, I think, which was a band that I wanted to and should have liked far more than I did at the time. Great bones in the songwriting and in ...

Vargas reaps Filner's sweetest fruit

When Democrat Bob Filner was a congressman, he could always count on plenty of campaign cash from the Falics, a well-heeled Florida family who own a string of duty-free shops along the U.S.-Mexico border all ...

Wells Fargo sells credit card terminal to Oceanside swap meet seller

Bank fights small Mexican merchant

A Vista resident who can't read English says he's victimized by a bank's fine print.

Sound clash

Reggae may seem forgotten in San Diego, but it’s not. Upcoming shows and DJ acts prove it.

Anybody got their ears on?

Correction Last week’s cover photo incorrectly identified the girl in front of Panca’s mural as Panca. We regret the error. — Editor Defending Marines On your recent cover (“Baja Is Back,” July 25) you made ...

My Number

Is Death miles away from this house, reaching for a widow in Cincinnati or breathing down the neck of a lost hiker in British Columbia? Is he too busy making arrangements, tampering with air brakes, ...