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Supporters of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who admitted leaking documents and video to the infamous WikiLeaks website, expressed mixed emotions at a rally in Hillcrest yesterday evening (July 30), after a military judge found Manning guilty on 17 of the 22 charges he was facing while granting acquittal on the most serious charge: aiding the enemy.

The rally was quickly organized Monday on word that a verdict would be issued the following day, but activists admit they weren’t sure what to expect.

“Honestly, I think we’re all kind of shocked,” Gabriel Conaway, a field coordinator for Canvass For a Cause, a progressive and gay rights group, tells the Reader.

“Aiding the enemy was such an extreme charge that it obviously should have been dropped,” Conaway continues. “But [Manning] is still facing a bunch of ridiculous charges. But with the way things have gone with this judge, we’re kind of hoping for the best and expecting the worst.”

The worst, in this case, is a sentence of up to 150 years’ imprisonment – Manning’s lawyers had offered guilty pleas on many of the charges in exchange for a 20-year sentence before the trial, but that request was denied. Most protesters echoed Conaway’s sentiments of hope for leniency in sentencing, and said that more demonstrations could be in the works, and expressed the belief that their activism was igniting exactly the debate Manning hoped to start by choosing to leak military documents.

“Manning’s main goal was to create debate and reform,” Conaway said. “Every time we’re out here getting his message into the community, we’re doing just that.”

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Letter to the Editor Aug. 26, 2013 @ 10:28 a.m.

If you have even heard of Bradley Manning, it isn't time to give yourself a pat on your own shoulder. He was arrested and held in custody for more than 3 years. During that time, for national security reasons, or more bad press for the Obama administration, there was a virtual news blackout for Specialist Manning.

Now if it isn't news to you that the judge ruled Manning was held in conditions deemed torture? If you know she granted Manning 122 Days off his sentence...not for good behavior, but for bad behavior, by the Government, then you should be writing letters too!

He gets 122 days off a 35 year sentence. For being tortured. By our military. In custody.

And you know what our fathers think? He got off light!! In WWII, they would have hung him!

Aiding the enemy or whatever? String him up!

At Nuremberg, Germany, in the trials after the war, we did string them up, war criminals whose defense was they "were only following orders."

The US, led by that generation, Truman and Eisenhower, declared the policy of the United States is soldiers can't claim they were just following orders as an excuse to commit or cover up war crimes: and we hanged them to make that point.

Fast forward to the X-Gen warriors, George Bush sends among others, young Bradley Manning, to war in a non-updated moral context.

Bradley Manning reasonably believed his superior officers covered up war crimes and those with the guns committed them!

The world knows now the officers in the PR department lied and otherwise covered up a Reuters News reporter had been gunned down by a helicopter flying so high above it could not be heard by those about to be killed.

Bradley saw and heard these killings on official films and action reports.

He thought these films must be made available to the public.

AND a thinking person, such as young Bradley, might possibly think he would be liable, on penalty of hanging, if he did not do so!!

He followed the only course of action prescribed by the lessons of Nuremberg. How could Bradley Manning know that President Obama, as his predessor, George the II before him, wished that war crimes stay covered up, for political reasons?

And making this available to the US public, President Obama, commander-in-chief of the US military, allowed Bradley Manning to recieve torture, at the hands of the US military, because Bradley revealed murders and torture of our military in other lands.

End Transmission

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Erica Jordan


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