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My friend Kelly, a Mission Valley prostitute?

Plucked from Rancho Penasquitos by Mr. MySpace

Kelly sprints out of the hotel, carrying her luggage. I don’t even recognize her. Kelly (not her real name) was always a beach babe, brown hair with sun-kissed highlights, skinny with curves. This girl running ...

Mystery Road Poured at U.S.-Mexico Border

Whether it will be used as a traffic route or just a utility road between the old Mexican border station and the new one (now under construction) is open to conjecture, but a new road ...

Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church

Interview with John Moser of Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church

Anti-rock stars Blame Sally

“I’ve always been a little unorthodox about my drumming.” It’s Pam Delgado, Blame Sally’s singer-percussionist on the phone from San Francisco. “I played the drums so I could sing. I’m a singing drummer.” She mainly ...

Beery debauchery

Thursday 20Gonzo guitarist Ben Chasny gathered his Comets on Fire cohorts for this year’s Drag City doozie Ascent. Under the Six Organs of Admittance moniker, and “with a full band of astronaughties in tote,” Chasny ...

Big man. Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with 400-lb Idahoan sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting.

Chula Vista East Side's Mello-Roos Mess

Chula Vista’s east side residents pay more school taxes than the west side.

Permits for the rich and famous

How much does it cost to get a permit to demolish or remodel a house in La Jolla? Plenty, to judge from a recent second-quarter disclosure filed by Peterson and Price, the longtime law and ...

Amin Nash: Journal

Woeful tale of a Vegas transplant new to San Diego

Since 1980

A box of eggplant parmigiana (lots of cheese!) at Rosaria Pizza in Mission Beach


San Diego’s stand-up paddleboard lesson prices

County affords some Fords

San Diego County is looking for a few 2013 “Ford Fusion ‘S’ I-4 Sedans” — 14 to start with and more to come, according to a recent request for bids by the fleet management division. ...

Crate envy

Diana Death, Heather Hardcore, and DJ Miss K play records at Til-Two club.

A buck for Buck

Homeless Sexuals frontman Davit Buck promotes Dollar Shows at at the Soda Bar.

Amanda Palmer — queen of Kickstarter

Like a lot of musicians these days, former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer decided recently to skip the whole record-company rigmarole and fund her next record through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. She started out with a ...


I’ve been listening to the jazz pianist Dave McKenna, who died in 2008. He was a lyrical swing artist with some of Bill Evans’s melancholy, though he wasn’t as inventive as Evans and didn’t have ...

Chula Vista West Side's No-Mello Divide

On the west side of Chula Vista, passage of Prop E stands to further bisect the community.

A Better Place

— to a neighbor Do they make love better in heaven or is everyone above it all? If God’s presence makes heaven preferable, what do you call it when your beloved looks inside and you ...

End of Metaphor

Metaphor Cafe closes its doors after an August 26 show , at which police showed up and found minors drinking alcohol.

History and Myth

Valley Music shuts down after 60 years of business in El Cajon.

Cowles Mountain — Mesa Road

On any given day, the main route up Cowles Mountain, the highest point in the city of San Diego, is busy. A route with less traffic and easy parking is the Mesa Trail route that ...


Vinyl Warm and Deep The August 30 letter from Jim Earp, headed “Vedder Knew Better,” contains quite a misrepresentation. Talking about recording quality he said, “Local college radio stations that focus on old jazz and ...

Spring Valley Lady Allegedly Faked Death to Avoid Jail

An East County woman who may have tried to fake her own death was sentenced September 14 to 18 months in federal prison for her role in smuggling undocumented immigrants through Jacumba Hot Springs. Rebecca ...

What Didn't You Do?

When my eyes flutter open each morning I am never aware of what the theme for the day will be. I’m not talking about one story, like the same headline posted by 20 different Facebook ...