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With this being child obesity awareness month, it brings up an enormous issue. Who is responsible for our health and fitness? Who is responsible for the health and fitness of our children?

For whatever reason, many of us appear to think the government and health care institutions bear the responsibility.

Can we change government funding for diet and physical education? Not really. We can vote but that’s about it.

Can we change the culture of fast food? Can we change the price of food? Can we change the way food is processed and distributed?

Can we control the way health care providers structure their plans?

We have no control over most of these issues. What can we control? We can control what food and exercise mean to us.

However, controlling what food means to us isn't all that easy.

Food has become something of a religion. There are prime time television shows dedicated to it. The are entire channels dedicated to it.

People constantly post pictures of the food they are eating on Instagram and Facebook as if their dinner were their pet or even their child.

Food reviews dominate the blogoshpere. We are bombarded by food advertising on a non stop basis.

If we don't stop and define what food means to us, it will be defined for us by Madison Ave.

If we don't have a clear understanding of the role food plays, it will dominante our lives.

Yes, food can and does dominate our lives.

If we start keeping track of how much time we spend thinking about, preparing, and consuming food, it is staggering.

Food is for nutrition and nourishment--period.

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