It's 2011 and we're making our way into the Month of March, wow how quickly time has flown. What have you done to advance your health this year? Are you working towards any New Year's Resolutions?

We often set up the year with lofty goals and benchmarks which are of great focus in the month of January and like that, we forget about them and move on with our busy lives only to start thinking about them again 12 months later. Except now those goals and expectations have morphed and changed according to what's happened in the previous 12 months.

I myself have put off goals in the past and realized that when you keep them in sight every single day, 1 day at a time we get closer to reaching those goals, checking them off the list and moving on to new ones. Progression in life doesn't take place if we don't spend time every day thinking about or doing something to improve upon our situation or work towards reaching those goals we wrote down on a cocktail napkin during the holidays. We wouldn't have been thinking about said goals if we 1. Didn't think we could get there and 2. Didn't truly want to reach them. Hitting those benchmarks is the fruit and spice of life, they keep us motivated and keep us breathing. This year has proved to have some major moves in place for myself and I'm excited to be chipping and chopping away at getting what I want and where I want to be.

Don't just think about it, go out and do it.



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