So where are you from? I asked. What was I thinking?

College area.

So have you ever served on a jury?

Don't ask - what I should have told myself.

Yeah, hearing for a pervert, a child molester, had served 20 years, They wanted to let him out. He was 74, wanted to put him in a halfway house. Jesus, he would've been creeping around my neighborhood, messing with the toddlers.

A jury trial for someone serving time?

Nope, he was in a mental institution.

And it was all downhill from there. Rush, I was sitting next to your twin, this guy- not bad looking BUT drawing all sorts of conclusions from the air,

This pervert he said, born in a socialist country, raised in a communist country, hurting little children, guess that is the way they taught him over there.

Over where I thought. didn't you say he was in a mental institution? We need more prisons, he said, not pansy assed liberals like Diane Feinstein . We can remodel Alcatraz, send em all out there (who?) or build a prison out there in the desert. Build a whole city, I say, give the workers a little room to stay in, trade them all out .. but then we'd have to deal with all those other liberals, you know the environmentalists, the Surfrider Foundation, don't build it in the desert, you'll kill a plant- wahvwah wah. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, What was good enough for our forefathers 70 years ago ...

(That would be about 1940 right? I calculated. who is this guy?)

I stood up, looked at the 3 guys around me and suggested that our space exploration goal should be to discover a penal planet where we could ship "all the people I don't like" or that irritate me.

And with that, I stood up, said have a nice day, and found a seat in the back with the computer people and one rude guy on the phone, unaware or not caring that his was the only voice in the region.

and it's only 948am


quillpena March 22, 2012 @ 3:51 p.m.

I'll go one further than that guy. Pedophiles and rapists can't be rehabilitated. They'll never be anything in our society but predators who prey on those weaker than them. I suggest that drugs be made legal (then we can tax them), everyone in prison for nonviolent drug charges be released, and then all rapists and pedophiles be incarcerated forever--with no possibility for release, or have them simply dispatched. Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience! Good night!


Tallsharon March 24, 2012 @ 2:49 p.m.

Hey didn't mean to rile anyone up. In this case the guy was talking about a hearing for someone who was in a mental institution for 20 years with some sort of conviction that wasn't in quetion. My story was more about how he started with one subject and then continued to wind himself up and throw in surfriders and feinstein, and a bunch of subjects that had nothing to do with the subject he started with- which made me hope like heck that i didn't get stuck on a jury with him, because he would have given me a headache, and riled me up! Obviously I didn't make that point clear enough. Sorry


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