Life has evolved on our planet for billions of years.

Humans now have the technology to undo nature's wisdom and destroy the very blueprint of life.

Genetic Engineering (GE) poses a serious threat to the health and safety of the human species and the entire planet. It may be one of the single most important issues we face due to the potential for massive long-term damage.

What can We The People do about it?

We can buy non GE seeds and grow our own foods thereby controlling where the foods come from and what is inside them. Those concerned with corporate manipulation of the food supply can have a direct impact on the decentralization of authority. The recent Monsanto Protection Actlink text has outraged many who have not the financial resources to ' lobby ' Washington for the type of change that big agribusiness got.

Rainwater contains no salt, no chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals but is high in nitrogen and other beneficial organics that form a ' tea ' inside the rain tanks. The owner of these food beds reports about a 50% increase in rate of growth and yield from her edibles after implementation of her drip irrigation powered by rainwater. Other than compost there is no other fertilizer used.

There are many things about our nation we cannot control: the wars, the bailouts, the crony capitalism and political nonsense. We actually can control our food supply. It can be a lot of fun! Network with your neighborhood and organize people to grow different things, like one family grows mostly corn, one grows tomatoes, etc and then those participating in the community food gardens can share in the crop! We live in an ever sterilizing community where often we don't know our neighbors. Grow food not lawns and thereby empower ourselves.


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