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Welcome Back, Donna

Thank you very much for printing the interview with Donna Frye on January 26 (“So San Diego,” Cover Story). I loved listening to what she had to say. I hadn’t heard from her for some time, so I appreciate the Joe Deegan story on Donna. It gives us an idea of where she is, what she’s doing, and where she wants to go. We need people like her around.

B.J. Withall
via voice mail

What We’ll Do For You

I was pleased to see someone (John Wise, Letters, February 2) respond to that inane letter from Ted Rodosovich the previous week. He thoroughly deserved another slap to the head, so here goes. To recap and summarize the original letter, Ted and his fellow progressives have their knickers in a knot over those evil Republicans who dare to peek into their bedrooms, force religion on kids in school, put up crosses and the Ten Commandments in buildings, and replace “E Pluribus Unum” with “In God We Trust” on currency. Talk about Trivial Pursuit! Is that all they have to worry about? Doesn’t a $15.3 trillion debt (and rapidly climbing, thanks to the “big O,” not Bush), federal taxes going up more than 30 percent in the next two years, loss of jobs, freedom, and housing bother any of you progressives? What a collection of arrogant, ignorant, gullible twits you must be. You think you have all the right answers, but you don’t even know how to ask the right questions. Just because millions of lefties might agree on something, it doesn’t make that something factual or the truth. At best you just have the consensus of a bunch of left-leaning lemmings. Two cases in point are “man-made global warming” and “governments can spend themselves into prosperity.”

Allow me to be a Republican spokesman with whom Ted might want to sit down and negotiate as he requested. Negotiate these: We will keep our noses out of your bedroom if you will keep your hands out of our wallets and gun lockers.

We will stop forcing religion onto young kids in school if you stop forcing “alternative lifestyles” and the global-warming hoax onto them. We will take down the crosses and Commandments if you put up a border fence to keep out illegals, terrorists, and drugs. We will stop rewording U.S. currency if you stop rewording (or just ignoring) the Constitution.

I normally don’t waste my time trying to reason with drunks, Democrats, or two-year-olds, but this could be a fun exercise in futility.

Name Withheld By Request

Classical Omission?

I’m curious as to why you no longer list classical music, you only list other types of music extensively in the Reader.

Bernard Miller
via voice mail

The classical music listings are in the Calendar Events section. In the February 2 edition, the listings started at the bottom of page 59. — Editor

Back To Roots

Stringers Man, they’ve got to be more about the neighborhood. They look like press releases now.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

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nan shartel Feb. 8, 2012 @ 11:45 a.m.

Classical Omissions

here's Garrett Harris's link 4 Classical Music and Opera

it's in the Jam Session area



Duhbya Feb. 11, 2012 @ 12:30 p.m.

Hey, Oceanside. Your name (Withheld) says it all.


jayrobn42 Feb. 12, 2012 @ 6:15 p.m.

Dear reader, I love your mag, not because its free but because it represents the common folk. I especially liked the article about the marijuana bust, but I gotta to say...

That weed may have been cartel, but chances are its not. There isnt enough money in marijuana anymore for gangsters to grow it. I say this because everyone and their mothers are growing, there is 16,000 plants alone growing indoors in ob. judging by the pics it wasn’t grown by pro’s. No one that knows jack about marijuana would not invest 16,000 plants and the time into such a crappy strain, especially on the side of a hill, in the open. The part where he said each top was worth 3,000, haha, that’s funny...try 200 bucks, tops! He also mentions that it is so big that someone will die for every bust...well, hear me out. Outdoor crops harvest once a year, by publishing this(if it is cartel) you are convincing them to modernized their tactics and move the grow op indoors, doin so would enable them to harvest up to 5 times a year, thus more people will die. Everything considered both the publisher and the writers intentions are questionable. Why do you think they never catch the guys?? Maybe because the grower is also the same person who claims to find it. That would explain a lot. Why would someone save money on seeds by growing a poor strain when it’s a garden of 16,000? when if they just spent 100 dollars more their crop would have been worth 100 times more. One more thing before I end this, Why is that guy wearing desert camo in the forest?? He might as well dressed as a clown.

I don’t the support the growers and their intentions, whatever they might have been in this article if what you published is accurate. In reality Im all for it in a responsible legal standpoint. You should print an article about the kids lifes that are saved from consuming marijuana edibles. Kids with autism take prescription drugs, these drugs side effects can cost them their lives. With a little edibles that all changes for the greater good regardless of our poor judgment and concept of marijuana’s natural integrity.. I support life, not these guys. The growers are guilty of littering, next time they should grow on their own property.


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