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Got You Covered

As an avid reader of the Reader, I was a little disappointed in the fact that the May 3 cover photo is a picture right off the internet that anyone can access. I ran across it looking for a “happy Friday” graphic!!! So I wondered what did it take to really make a cover??? And if it’s this simple, are there any openings? Come on, cover editor, make them use those graphic skills they list on that resume!

Malinda Perreira
via email

Booster Crooner

Thank you for the information in the May 3 issue, “100 Reasons to Love San Diego.” I am planning to visit some places that I never knew existed that are fun to visit and enjoy by all families and couples or just friends.

The cover’s title echoed in my heart, for I also have been trying to sing the beauties of our city and composed a song last month in which I celebrate places that make our loved city famous around the world.

I need to sing it for you on the phone now.

San Diego, sunny San Diego
You’re my city full of fun
Sunny San Diego.

San Diego, sunny San Diego
You’ll find love and romance
In sunny San Diego.

Lovely city by the bay
City with a Spanish name
San Diego, my hometown
Shine like a sparkling jewel in the sun!

San Diego, blessed with sun
Cooling breezes, surf and sand
Tallest palm trees, trolley cars
I love San Diego’s
Baseball seasons, Navy wharves!

San Diego, blessed with sun
Cooling breezes, surf and sand
U.S. Navy, Qualcomm Park
I love San Diego’s
Spanish Mission, Balboa Park!

San Diego, your sandy beaches
The baseball season and waves for surfing
The palm trees and U.S. Navy
And trolleys make you
The finest city!

San Diego’s convention center
Viejas Casino and Scripps aquarium
Sea World and vets memorial
The tourist mecca!
My loved city!

Jesus Sierra Oliva
via voice mail

Pills Won’t Solve It

This response is to Laura Owen (Letters, May 3). I’m sorry I didn’t make my thoughts clear enough. I absolutely agree with you. Anyone suffering from psychosis or serious mental illness should take whatever meds are recommended by the doctor, and I’m glad those medicines are there. Barbarella, however, does not define herself as being severely mentally ill.

What I find disturbing is that SSRIs and anti-anxiety drugs are now being widely prescribed to many people who just don’t like the uncomfortable ups and downs that constitute life. My friend started on an SSRI when her husband died ten years ago. She’s still taking it. She told me that she no longer gets extremely anxious or upset but that the highs are also not there. She’s “right in the middle.” And now she’s afraid to get off the pills. To me, that’s not living. A doctor once told me that many SSRIs function as almost placebos or they stop working after a few months. That was the experience my husband had with Paxil.

Too many simply want a pill to cure their problems. And that goes for many other pharmaceuticals, not just the psychiatric ones.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

MADD About Them

Thank you for the marvelous article about drunk driving by Fred Moramarco (“DUI,” Feature Story, May 3). If that article keeps even a handful of drunk drivers off the road or causes people to take a few minutes to think about what they’re doing before they put that key in the ignition after they’ve had a few drinks, it’ll be well worth it.

Also appreciated the mention of one of my favorite groups, MADD. I just admire them so much for all the pain that these members have undergone. They’ve continued to do good for the community by sharing their stories.

Thanks again for it all.

Phyllis Hordin
via voice mail

Back Page Backhand

I have an espresso/smoothie business in Valley Center, and your paper has come to lay upon our table, where people sit to rest when they’re out for a walk or a run. There’s a nature trail here in Valley Center, and we’re on the trail. The last couple of editions, I’ve seen on the back page where you’ve had this scantily clad young lady from Mexico City, I guess, representing this store in Mexico City (April 26). My wife’s from Mexico City — this is not the norm. I don’t know why they feel or you feel the need to publish this picture on the back page of your paper. I know that everything is acceptable now. Nobody really cares. But I find it offensive. You know, I would even go to the point of insulting this young lady by calling and saying, “Hey, how much for a good time?” I mean, this picture is completely inappropriate. What does her being scantily clad have to do with them selling apparel?

I take offense to what you people are printing on the back page of your paper.

via voice mail

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