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Bad Timing

I picked up this week’s Reader on Thursday, September 9 (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9). Two days before 9/11. I looked at the front cover. You guys couldn’t wait a week or two before doing this story and running this cover? What’s wrong with you?!

Taz Taylor
via email

Free, Like An Old Person

Thank you for the article about Muslim dress (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9). It answers some questions I had. It is kind of like being an old person, where people don’t notice your appearance, they notice your demeanor and what’s in your head. It’s freeing.

Dale Anne Thompson

Dressed Down

It is unfortunate that you did not research the dress styles in the article carefully enough (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9). The one you called a burqa is not a burqa but appears to be a version of the niqab. A burqa has a grill covering the face and nothing shows through it. Should you wish to see what it looks like, there are many samples on the internet, and I also had one shipped to me from the market in Kabul, Afghanistan. They are blue and not the black as shown. The one I have is very light, almost silklike but most likely artificial fabric.

Donald Johnson
via email

Mind Poison

Hello. Why are you guys trying to portray Islam as a peaceful religion (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9)? It is not. Why don’t you or any of the media (except Fox News) have the balls to call it what it is or what it teaches? Just so you know, 49 percent of Americans view Islam as “unfavorable.” The churches, synagogues, and Americans are waking up, educating themselves on Islam, and no longer turning a blind eye. Qur’an (9:3) “Announce painful punishment on those who disbelieve.” And the Qur’an is full of this hatred. The Qur’an has poisoned the minds of every Muslim in the Middle East, and if you think it isn’t happening here in America and all around the world, think again!

Cesar Cota
via email

Ridicule’s Part Of The Game

This is in response to “They Should Not Display Their Beauty” (Cover Story, September 9). I think anybody who lives anywhere in the United States and dresses in a nontraditional manner is going to run into ignorant people or people full of hatred, no matter where you are, and they just have to accept that. They either have to dress like everybody else or prepare themselves to be ridiculed at one time or another. There’s no mystery in it. It’s not a mystery.

Eric Moore
La Mesa


In response to the story written by Elizabeth Salaam (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9), are you guys hard up for material? I browsed the article because I couldn’t really stomach it. Elizabeth, you are a legend in your own mind.

Pathetic. I’ll bet you were a women’s libber in the ’80s.

I can tell you’re a person with a cause. Always looking for a spotlight. I’m glad American women are too smart to walk around with a bag over their head.

Display their beauty, eh? It’s my observation that I wish all the Arab women should wear a bag over their head.

Poor Liz. How’s the book coming and perhaps there’s some colleges you can speak at.

I think any thinking woman should be offended by you. Our sophisticated culture trying to bring the people (women) into the 20th Century. And you are trying to drag women back to the 15th Century. How dumb can you get?

Delmontae Delaque

Life And Death At The Park

Loved Neal Obermeyer’s cartoon on Balboa Park (September 9). Saw in the U-T the proposed changes to the park. My simple question is: how in the hell can emergency vehicles get in to aid someone in distress? Minutes can make a large difference between life and death. Please answer that for me.

Name Withheld
via email

We Don’t Look Good

So, I guess the Reader deserves to be complimented on trying to improve the appearance of black faces in your paper. But the funny thing is, in your September 2 copy of the Reader, two of the black faces appear with a big smiling face right underneath a marijuana leaf. Okay, we move farther through the Reader. The next black face appears behind prison bars. It’s about a black person being in jail. And then you really are nice to us. On the back of the paper, you show some big bald-headed muscle-bound man. So, yeah, you guys are making a slight improvement. But I still think you’re a bunch of racist, stereotyping people, you know? Us appearing under big smiling Bojangles faces under a marijuana leaf and a black man getting out of jail.

What about positive reinforcement. Is there nothing positive you guys see going on in the black community?

Name Withheld
via voice mail

Nobody’s Perfect

In response to Jim Crooks’s letter of September 9. For the record, I am not a Calvinist. I recognize John Calvin’s considerable contributions to theology, his diligence in the study of the Word of God, and his example of expository, exegetical teaching of the Scriptures. Nevertheless, I disagree with several of Calvin’s conclusions, and I believe that certain tenets of the reformed churches are in opposition to the spread of the gospel.

Concerning Calvin’s complicity in the legal executions of several of his enemies, it is obvious today that he was completely in the wrong. Nevertheless, the historical record shows that the executions were not the result of any alleged personal vendetta on the part of John Calvin, and they were performed in total compliance with the laws of Geneva at that time in accordance with Leviticus 24:16.

It is indeed paradoxical that one of the great champions of religious freedom was also one of the notable advocates of religious intolerance. It is equally paradoxical that in America the Salem witch trials and the First Amendment of the Constitution are equally the result of Calvinistic thinking.

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MsGrant Sept. 15, 2010 @ 6:58 p.m.

Geesh, Sid, lighten up. Everyone that read this story got a glimpse of the entertainment industry that you cater to, and how they subsequently treat you. I'm sure that there is some celebrity out there treats service people with dignity, this just did not happen to be one of them.


BigJ Sept. 16, 2010 @ 4:40 p.m.

I find it completely repellant how closed minded people are. Sure, I don't like the garments like a lot of you, but if you read the article, you find that a lot of these women choose to wear what they do. Hence the options. I honestly can't believe the Reader allowed some of the ridiculous negative comments to go to print. If you want to make comments on someone's facebook, go ahead, but don't make facebook comments in the Reader letters section.


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