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Where’d The Ladies Go?

I picked up a copy of the Reader today…

This week’s cover is about the classic naked ladies of Balboa Park (“Who’s Looking Out for These Ladies?” September 30), but, alas, nary a mention of said ladies in the article. What a shame. I thought I would read about some insight as to their origin, current public thoughts and reactions, and their future…so just who is looking out for these ladies???

Jim Little
via Facebook

Dig Into Delaware

This article on SOHO (“Who’s Looking Out for These Ladies?” Cover Story, September 30) mentions a voiceofsandiego article from November 2005 titled “Old Town: Whose History Is It, Anyway?” The referenced article states that Old Town state park is much more Spanish/Mexican than Anglo.

I have long felt that way and wrote many letters to that effect when Delaware North took over and destroyed the artistic beauty and Mexican perspective created by the talented Diane Powers. The Cosmopolitan Hotel is the most disappointing of all the changes, especially when one considers the cost of it. As a Mexican hacienda it was a much better representation of early Old Town.

One of the selling points that Delaware North used to get the contract was that the staff would all be unionized. Delaware North lasted four years and then gave up the business and fired all union workers. The new lessee would not hire any of the former union workers as though it was the fault of the union workers that Delaware North couldn’t make it, rather than lack of talent.

I would like to see an investigative reporter do a complete story on how Delaware North got the contract.

Southern District state park director Ronilee Clark hides behind the fact that it was a competitive bid and Delaware North won it. No one seems to recognize the fact that it is possible to write a request for a proposal that favors the vendor you want to win the bid.

We need a complete, thorough investigation. Perhaps Diane Powers would now be willing to tell you what she knows.

George Ashby
via email

Asleep At The Wheel

I’m calling about the article “Hurrah for Heft” (“City Lights,” September 30), regarding sleep apnea. Unfortunately, Mr. Bauder did not do his research very well, because while older belief is that apnea is a disease of middle-aged men and those who are obese and consume alcohol to excess, etc., etc., it is absolutely not true. Yes, many people who are obese have sleep apnea or many people with sleep apnea are overweight, but there are also many people with sleep apnea who are underweight, if anything. There are anatomical reasons, not just weight problems, and it’s just terrible to continue perpetrating the same old myth about it and making anyone who does have the problem feel that there’s something wrong with them.


Small, Proud World

Small world. I work nights as a security guard, and on my way to work, I picked up the September 16 Reader in front of the Arco station in Escondido. The front-page story was “Wake Up From the Nightmare.” I was reading the story, and about halfway through the story, I realized how much I related to the story because the house behind the used-car lot with the tent in the yard was mine. Daniel and my son Dennis were very best friends. Daniel was like family. After David and Daniel’s dad picked them up, we lost touch because we also moved away to Escondido.

Although the story was sad, I felt a little relief that the boys were okay, but when I got to the end of the story, I was hurt that Daniel was still having problems. David, if you read this, and I hope you do, then know that we are very proud of you. We think of you and Daniel always, and you are in our prayers. Keep your head up and never lose faith. We love you both very much.

P.S. Thank you, Reader, for helping us make this a small world.

William Van Atta

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