The other officer re-entered the bus and searched behind the seats and on the floor at the back of bus. He disembarked empty-handed.

The third police officer went through the front door and stopped to question an apparently blind man seated in the disabled section with a service dog at his feet. The officer asked him several times to step off the bus but received no response. Finally, the police officer asked the driver, “Do you know if he can hear?”


Cat Killer on the Loose
By Edmundo Dela, July 16

About a month ago, I was driving my schoolbus route when I saw what I thought was a dead kitten on Cosmo Street. As I got closer, I realized it was an adult cat…chopped in half, just below the shoulder blades.

On July 8, I came across another severed cat portion, this time on 30th Street near Kalmia. Same portion, same condition.


  1. Whoever does this when I’m in the area of these killings, let this be a warning: if you do anything to any of my pets, may the state intervene before I get my revenge!!!
    By crossingtracksgallery, Jul 16
  2. This reminds me of when I was in middle school back in 2001, 7th grade. There was a spot in the field where we used to run our Friday’s mile. Every day, a new dead cat was scatted around. Some of the guts were tied up into a bow and a pair of legs were sticking out of the ground. I remember one time there was one of those devil stars drawn on the dirt with of course cat’s parts around it.
    By XxUrDaddyxX, Jul 16
  3. That was my neighborhood just before I moved away. Cats were disappearing all over the place. People kept saying it was a coyote, but I knew someone was taking these cats and hurting them. Damn you to hell.
    By magicsfive, Jul 16

The Writing on the Wall
By bohemianopus, May 20

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in North Park. Not only because it is wrapped in that funkiness that I love; but because it has a tiny Russian restaurant that contains the mother lode of bathroom graffiti.

I should mention that the food in this restaurant, which is called the Pomegranate, is delicious!

North Park Skaters
By pmrocks99, April 30

NPS — North Park Skaters…or switch out the S for anything you choose…stoners, scrubs, slackers…etc. I grew up in North Park and now I am about to go back to North Park as I am in escrow on a condo in my beloved San Diego community. When I moved from Mission Hills to North Park in 1985 at the age of 7, all I heard was comments under the breath and nay-sayers from our neighbors and my parents’ friends.

I found the NPS kids when I was about 12 years old. My friend’s boyfriend was a North Park Skater and that was all it took to meet all of them. The girls would all go watch the guys skate in the parking lot at the Bank of America on 31st and University. Another favorite skating spot was on the steps of the Baptist church located at Bancroft and North Park Way.


  1. I too grew up in North Park, and though we moved to Normal Heights, P.B., and even Oregon, I found my way home to North Park. We went through the video game phase (that arcade up on Grim St. where you paid $2 and played as much as you wanted for 2 hours)…then came the skateboard phase…the BMX phase…I came about 10 years before you, but I may have been at Tuba Man’s while you all were skating by outside.
    By stevo420, Jun 18

True North Park
By domcarrillo, April 30

I’m sitting here at the corner bus stop in front of a store called Discount International Fashions. Inside you can buy three T-shirts with American flags and President Obama prints for just $10 — all part of the American Dream; not very international or fashionable, though. Here’s the thing: Discount International Fashions has been here for a long time. It was here before Heavenly Desserts, Urban Solace, and True North moved into the area.

Conscientious Dumpster Diver
By tcjohnston, February 14

I lived in west North Park in an apartment right on University Avenue for eight years, starting in 1989. We always put our recyclables out next to the dumpster, and they were always gone by the next morning.

Now I live in east North Park. Every two weeks we put out the blue bin for recyclables for the city to pick up. Homeless people often roam the street clearing out the bins. I’d go out at about 6:00–7:00 a.m. and holler, “Don’t make a mess!”

Last couple months, there’s only one guy working our street. He wears an orange industrial apron and manages to push a shopping cart with, like, 12 lawn bags of recyclables about. Looks like a massive black Jiffy Pop — like 8’ wide and 7’ high. I asked him where he goes to recycle. It’s east two to three miles away. This week he said he was not going up the substantial hill on Swift Street because the load is too heavy, so he had to go around northwest (Landis) then east down University.

I asked his name: It’s Ninwood. He said that’s what his mom called him.


Transformer Taken Down by Parrot
By Casey Bollier, June 25

Residents in southern Ocean Beach began Wednesday, June 24, without power. At about 8:30 a.m. one of the many parrots inhabiting O.B. landed on a transformer in the alley between Santa Cruz Avenue and Del Monte Avenue, causing it to explode.

The parrot was thrown from the transformer onto a nearby car. Shawn McGinnis, the owner of the car, found the bird and called animal control. The parrot had survived the blast, but its green feathers had been singed by the electricity. As McGinnis and others tended to the injured bird, about a dozen other parrots screeched on the wires above until animal control arrived to take the bird away.

Part 1: Another Perfect Day

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