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For longtime residents of O.B., their community is representative of many things, from tolerance of alternative lifestyles to richly colored cliffs at sunset.

As for the elements that creep in like crabgrass in a perfectly manicured lawn, those who love O.B. can do without them.

The casual observer may not notice the graffiti vandalism on the walls south of the O.B. Pier or the cigarette butts and beer bottles littering the rocky shores below it, but those who hike O.B.'s paths, surf its breaks, or boat and dive offshore notice the eyesore.

And they've had enough.

Which was why on a recent overcast Saturday morning, an ad hoc group of volunteers scrambled over the slippery rocks, hauling in power generators, air compressors, and painting supplies and hauling out bags of trash. Organized online via OBRag.org and social networking sites, the volunteers from O.B. and surrounding communities, such as Jon Carr, an independent video journalist, and Ed Baier and professional painter Luciano Alexandre, joined together to take a first pass at sprucing things up. "I never realized how unsightly it was, and I walk these cliffs every weekend," says Shawn Conrad, an O.B. resident and volunteer. "It's not representative of O.B.," Carr says. "We're kind of fed up, and so, here we are." The idea now is to keep an eye on things and, like the patient gardener, keep more weeds from taking root in the future.

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obrox June 23, 2009 @ 8:14 a.m.

It's impressive to see what can happen when just a few concerned citizens put their heads together and collaborate with one another. Good job guys and gals. Hopefully other communities in San Diego and beyond will be inspired by stories like this.


Ltizzle June 25, 2009 @ 2:20 p.m.

The people who got together and did this will be continuing their efforts until whoever is doing this gives up and stops tagging the cliffs. There is extensive coverage and lots of discussion about this at obrag.org.


asullivan13 June 29, 2009 @ 3:44 p.m.

Why be humble? Tourists are jealous of San Diego residents! This is a vacation destination, my friends! My family back east has major geographic envy. Do we really want visitors to see our beautiful & diverse SD looking like crap? Heck no. Take some pride in being a resident, I say! I applaud the participants in this project & appreciate their time & hard work in making our "home" look as lovely as it truly is. I doubt the dirty birds trashing our landscape even read this site...but heck, I feel better just sharing my thoughts. Cheers.


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