The July 9 “Blurt” article “He’s Got the Cheese” said that Chris Wright, also known as CROS1, owns Armory Survival Gear in Pacific Beach and downtown. Wright does not own the Pacific Beach store.

A Fast One Over Easy

I live near the West Point Loma Denny’s and suggest a different scenario on the alleged RV parking violation (“Eat Here, Get Towed,” “City Lights,” July 9). Instead of Mr. Waters pulling in for “fast food,” in my opinion he’s pulling a “fast one.” I walked the parking lot frequently over the past few months, and the same RV was parked in the same slot late at night and was still there even at 4:00 a.m. on early morning walks. I cannot swear it was his RV, but it’s a remarkable coincidence that it is no longer there after the publication of this story. Rather than being outraged, I think Mr. Waters should be grateful that the towing charge is a tiny fraction of the savings he made in overnight RV parking fees — probably in the thousands of dollars. In many cities, he would have been towed immediately and fined for illegal parking, along with a towing and storage charge. I cannot dispute his altercation with Heritage Security — I know a couple of the security officers, and they are mellow and polite when I interact with them.

Ken Griffiths
Point Loma

A Dish Of Humility

Mr. Waters from “Eat Here, Get Towed,” (“City Lights,” July 9) should learn a little humility instead of picketing Denny’s, which had nothing to do with his plight. Face it, his pissing contest with the security guard cost him $235, and now he’s trying to recoup his losses. He should consider himself lucky that the towing company was kind enough to let him off the hook on the spot for that amount. I would have appreciated it if a security guard had given me a heads-up before having my vehicle towed away on the occasions it has happened to me.

Hector Garza
via email

Do Right, Guys

Re: Mr. Waters’s $235 towing bill (“Eat Here, Get Towed,” “City Lights,” July 9). Shame on the owner of Midway Towne Center and Larry Richman, owner of Heritage Security Services, for not quietly stepping in and splitting Mr. Waters’s $235 towing bill. Both can well afford it. It’s not about who is right or wrong in this incident. It’s about what’s right in life.

Peter Porscher
via email

Kerry Wins!

Kerry did not have a failed presidential attempt (“Border Influence,” “Under the Radar,” July 9). Kerry won by 7%, 4% were purged. He won by 3%, which was flipped overnight. Obama won by 13%, 7% were purged, so the problem is getting worse. Please never say that Gore or Kerry lost, they did not. Thank you.

Val Sanfilippo
via email

Bad Grammar, Bad Facts

Re: Neighborhood News from Stringers: “Stars and Stripes por Siempre” (July 9).

In addition to the grammatical errors noted, there is also a possible error of fact. Obviously Mexico was using July 4 to lure tourists as they don’t have any reason to celebrate our holidays. Mexico celebrates September 16 for their independence from Spain. May 5, Cinco de Mayo, is also considered by many to be their Independence Day from France. Napoleon III installed Maximilian, an Austrian relative, as Emperor, and he captured and ruled Mexico from Mexico City for three years circa 1864. Originally focused on the state of Puebla where most of the fighting occurred, in recent years Cinco de Mayo has become more of a national holiday that has spilled over into the United States, particularly border states with large Hispanic populations.

G.R. Morse
Otay Mesa


This email is concerning the false statements printed out about Chris “CROS1” Wright (“He’s Got the Cheese”“Blurt,” July 9).

Let me first say that I too am a promoter of Bboy events based out of Florida.

CROS1 has probably been the biggest teacher I’ve ever had in doing events. I’ve never done a Freestylesession or any events for Cros, yet he has always given me insight on what to do to make my events better. He is always out to help and support the local smaller promoters, not for fame or money but for the love for the culture. Cros is the most respected and one of the most liked Bboy promoters in the world. With that being said, I can tell you those things you wrote about him in your column are completely false!

A letter or, even better, a publication of apology to Cros is the only way you can make things right.

David Alvarado
Bboy promoterM

Don’t Believe It

Re “He’s Got the Cheese” (“Blurt,” July 9).

I think what is written in this column is completely wrong. I met CROS1 approximately three years ago, when he came to Mexico to judge a Bboy event, and we even talked about organizing events, because I am a promoter myself, and he was pleased to give me pointers, advice, etc. I know I only met him once, but he was really down-to-earth, and I really do not believe this can be true.

Jorge Fernandez
via email

BLS Journalism

As a friend of Chris Wright for approximately ten years, I was aware that this article was coming out and have been looking forward to it (“He’s Got the Cheese” “Blurt,” July 9). However, I was disturbed when I read the article written by Ken Leighton. I became disappointed as the author decided to focus on negativity and on the information provided by a source that “requested anonymity.”

Chris Wright’s interviewer is blatantly biased, and it appears to be based upon someone’s opinion who didn’t have the bravery to let their name be known. Shame on the Reader for letting this go to publication, and shame on Ken Leighton for biased, lazy, and sloppy journalism.

Katherine Glancy
via email

Save Two Ways

I truly enjoyed the article on Mission Bay Park (“Ok, This Is Tuesday,” Cover Story, July 2). I agree 100 percent with Jim Pugh. His educated ideas and opinions would not only save money but the environment as well.

More from SDReader


David Dodd July 15, 2009 @ 1:20 p.m.

To G.R. Morse:

Regardless of the motive, as an American expatriate living in Mexico, I find it to be a wonderful gesture that the American flags were displayed on July 4th. And May 5th is not a holiday that denotes independence from France.

"Cinco de Mayo" is a celebration in remembering the "Battle of Puebla". On May 5th, 1862, a heavily outnumbered Mexican Army defeated a French Army that was twice their size and much better eqipped - and hadn't been defeated in over fifty years. It was not the end of the French occupation, but merely the beginning of what would lead to the execution of Maximillian some five years later.

Cinco de Mayo is not heavily celebrated in most of Mexico (Puebla excluded), and is used in the United States of America as a reason to sell massive amounts of tequila, corn chips, and guacamole by large corporations for huge profit. Here in Baja, sometimes the school children march in a small parade.


Josh Board July 15, 2009 @ 3:34 p.m.

I enjoyed reading the article on the guy who had his RV towed from Dennys. But I enjoy these letters even more. It's great when people can read a story and realize that one guy ranting and raving isn't always right.

When I blog on here about police, everyone seems to want to attack the officers, instead of rationally trying to figure out the story.

I, like everyone else, has gotten my car towed or parking tickets. Two times, I came upon my car AS it was being ticketed, and I didn't start yelling at the meter maid. I realized I was two minutes off the time the meter ran out, and that's that. They're just doing their job. No need to make it any more difficult.

And even hearing the RV owner tell the story in HIS OWN WORDS, it's hard to be on his side, because he immediately jumped down the security guards throat. And for what? For knocking too loud? Amazing.


Marc Aug. 11, 2009 @ 2:53 p.m.

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