Why Is San Diego Evicting an Entire Community of Elderly Residents to Build More Condos?
By historymatters, April 6

The residents that have lived there for decades and have created a community in this mobile home park in east Mission Valley were told that, although they could not buy their lots, the property would never be sold and [that they] had a 90-year lease that could not be broken.

Look at this national article in the New York Times.

“In October 2007, Lehman joined Tishman Speyer in buying Archstone-Smith, a publicly traded company with about 360 upscale apartment buildings across the country. Lehman put in $250 million in equity and led a group of lenders that contributed $4.6 billion in bridge equity for the $22.2 billion deal, which was financed in part by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”

So now that Lehman is belly-up Archstone has put its hand out to the city. They have even solicited San Diego Housing Commission for funds.


Trolley Makes Emergency Stop in Cemetery
By Leonard Fry, February 8

A San Diego Trolley was forced to make an emergency stop in the middle of Mt. Hope Cemetery early Tuesday, February 3. At the time, the peak-hour Orange Line trolley was traveling between the 47th Street and 32nd/Commercial stations. Since the distance between these stations is longer than average, trolleys often increase speed along this area to keep on schedule.

A city maintenance vehicle had failed to stop at a trolley crossing within the cemetery, breaking off the wooden arm on the warning device at the crossing. The trolley operator was forced to make a sudden emergency stop to avoid hitting the broken arm. After exiting the trolley to move the arm from the tracks, he received applause from passengers.


Front Line in Mt. Laguna?
By Josh Grant, March 5

Recently, while doing stream surveys in the East County, we came upon a roadblock set up on Sunrise Highway, near Mt. Laguna. Homeland Security (Border Patrol) agents scrutinized all vehicles coming through.

The agents warned us of smuggling activity in the area we were about to survey. We were warned about gun, drug, and human smuggling. The agents advised us to approach and unlock access gates with extreme care, as they might be “booby trapped” with hypodermic needles or other dangerous devices.

Our hiking trails show signs of massive foot traffic and trash, and empty water bottles litter the ground. Hikers seem to be on the front line of border enforcement.

A Mountain Lion Alert
By doweofsteve, March 13

The other day I saw a mountain lion. Though it was far away, I was able to catch its eye. There was a moment of terror, and then it walked out of sight. It didn’t run. I wanted to run but felt paralyzed. When I started to hear myself breathe again, I jogged back to civilization where I felt in my place. I felt pathetic.

This cougar sighting didn’t happen yesterday. It was two years ago. And it wasn’t that close to me, though I was able to see its eyes. I’m reminded of it in my dreams, and when I was staying in Pine Valley recently, I was reminded again of the incident.

Eye of a Firestorm: Pine Valley
By doweofsteve, March 13

Every once in a while I drive up to Pine Valley to get away from the business and noise and distractions of San Diego. I stay at my great-grandfather’s cabin. He built the place himself, back when people did that sort of thing. It’s made of stone and wood. To get from the one bedroom to the kitchen you have to go outside, walk down some stairs, and cross an unpaved path to unlock the kitchen door. My great grandfather was not an architect.


Crash Hinders Robbery Suspects
By Steve Perez, July 8

Josh Johnson was playing a video game in his home near the intersection of Allegheny Street and Calle Tortuosa on Monday, July 6, at around 5 p.m. when he heard a loud crash. He said he looked out the window and saw two black men getting out of a wrecked BMW. Dust from the car’s collision with a fence was still flying as the two men grabbed a duffel bag from inside the vehicle and then ran off, Johnson said.

National City police believe the car was one of two vehicles involved in a jewelry-store heist and purse-snatching.

Grand Theft Video
By Mark Jay, May 13

According to National City Police Department radio traffic, at approximately 10:10 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, two men walked into the GameStop store in Plaza Bonita Mall and tied the employees up, placing posters over their faces at gunpoint. After the employees had been restrained, the suspects took their cell phones and keys to a locked area where video games are stored and to a back room where the game consoles are kept.

The suspects began to load plastic GameStop bags with games and consoles (10 Sony PlayStation 3s, 23 Nintendo Wiis, and several Microsoft Xbox 360s), all worth over $12,000.

National City’s Secret Art District
By hopefund, June 18

Two women in their late 60s approach me and ask me if I know how to get to the dance hall bar. I have just under a half hour to spare before I need to be at work. After a few minutes of relaying directions to their specified address, I tell them that I can take them.

We head off down National City Boulevard, which is basically a long auto mall. They inform me that the dance hall is a gallery and outdoor Filipino market behind a warehouse. Are you sure you know where you are going? I repeat. Do you have someone expecting you? They assure me that the only one waiting for them is a hangover, and they are off and out of the car as soon as I pull up to the curb.


Cold Bus Stop
By Sandi Mackenzie, May 11

At approximately 6:05 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, three San Diego police officers boarded the 15 bus at Interstate 15 on El Cajon Boulevard. Two officers boarded through the rear and motioned to two passengers. A man and woman stepped off the bus and one of the officers questioned them outside.

Part 1: Another Perfect Day

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