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San Diegans recall 9-11

I couldn't believe this was happening in America

Just about everyone remembers that moment on September 11 when he or she first heard that hijacked airliners had flown into the World Trade Center. Here, 101 men and women tell how that moment that ...

Scurvy slays sixty

Spanish ships buried their dead at foot of Market Street

The spot came to be known as Punta de los Muertos, “Point of the Dead,” or just Punta. Gray camped at Punta and saw the obvious: protected, accessible to ships, deep anchorage, “the logical location for a port city.”

The Black Veil by Rick Moody

A visit to a psychiatric hospital

"1 really wanted to try and get a pure sensation of what it felt like to have the thing on, to feel that that was the only recourse, was to wear this thing, to be driven to wear it.”

Contagious Buzz

When will West Nile reach San Diego?

As the hysteria over the West Nile virus moves westward, California appears to be the inevitable destination of the mosquitoes that carry the deadly virus. Even though San Diego has a relatively dry climate and ...

Al Qaeda Effect

San Diego travel business can feel it.

The complete financial impact of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center will never be accurately calculated, but among those most hurt are travel- and tourism-related businesses. Many of San Diego's travel and tourist ...


Insiders say last week's carefully orchestrated release of test-score numbers by the San Diego Unified School District shows just how closely district superintendent Alan Bersin intends to work with Union-Tribune editors in the weeks leading ...

Salsa explosion! Man wants answers!

Hi: The other morning I woke up and found salsa splattered everywhere, a sort of minor explosion, it appeared. One of those small round plastic containers of salsa had blown the lid and its contents ...

How short is your shrift?

Hey: What is a shrift, and why do I care if I get a short one? -- Rick Greenburg, San Diego Shrift: noun; (1) confession of sin; (2) absolution following confession. Short shrift: noun; (1) ...

Where do Ping Pong balls come from?

Hey, Elf Master: I have a couple of questions for you about Ping Pong balls: what are they made of and how are they made? I know there are more profound questions I could ask, ...

Hike above the mists to the top of Saddle Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Saddle Peak, a notable high point along the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains, consists of two 2800-foot summits: one topped by antennas and fenced off, the other one barren but viewful. Both preside over ...

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