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SAIC and SPAWAR get big government contracts

Top terrorism experts seek help.

Many of the nation's top terrorism experts not directly employed by the government work for La Jolla's Science Applications International Corp., whose structure and activities are said to closely mirror the government's clandestine intelligence operations.

Flush Power

The journey begins when the toilet flushes. Whatever is in the bowl heads through a series of pipes and treatments that separate the solids from the water. While the travels of one's wastewater is seldom ...

Moo Twilight

What the Cauzza cowboys do in Santa Ysabel after the demise of dairies

“We only milked 200 cows. Most places milk 1000. The milk trucks don't want to drive all the way out here.You've got to have 700 gallons, or they charge you double on their freight."

No One Knew I Had a Knife in My Pocket

Former SEALs square off on airport security

Elson maintained that “The most important issue is not Flynn: it’s the terrible state of civil aviation security. It’s just a matter of time before we have another catastrophic terrorist attack like Pan Am 103.”

Where We Were

9-11 - what do I tell the kids?

The phone rang around 7:40. I was standing just inside the open bathroom door tucking my black Land's End T-shirt into a gray knit skirt. Eight-year-old Rebecca and six-year-old Angela had dressed themselves in their ...

One Cent's Worth

Don’t expect am sustained and coherent thought from me any time soon. Like, say, before Judgment Day. But if shorts and the soaps can return to television, I suppose I am obligated to tear myself ...

Terror party

9-11 attackers liked San Diego strip bars

"They must have given me over $10,000 to party with them. I suppose I could have made five times that amount if I'd agreed to have sex, but that's not my scene. I'm not a prostitute."

Angel in Black

Mercy Hospital - from Market and Sixth to University and Sixth

Besides poverty and the bigoted citizenry, Mother Michael and her nuns suffered the opposition of the most influential Catholic in the town. Father Ubach himself. He attempted to circumvent the incorporation of the hospital.

Hike Towsley and Wiley canyons in the spacious new Santa Clarita Woodlands park, north of the San Fernando Valley.

The Santa Clarita Woodlands Park, north of the arid San Fernando Valley and just west of Santa Clarita's dry hills and valleys, encompasses a surprising assortment of strange geologic features and several surprisingly lush canyons. ...

Why do clock and watch dials use a quadruple "I" as the Roman numeral for 4?

This is for Matthew Alice: Why do clock and watch dials always use a quadruple "I" as the Roman numeral for 4, but everywhere else the Roman numeral for 4 is "IV"? -- Befuddled Bob, ...

Where did they come up with the amount $271 for traffic tickets?

Oh, Ma-a-a-att: There is a $271 fine for driving in the carpool lane on my local freeway. I believe that figure is posted as the fine for varied other infractions of traffic law. Um -- ...

Who invented fuzzy dice?

Mattster: Who invented fuzzy dice? -- Fonzie, El Cajon Criminetly, Fonzie! I don't know! Maybe the same guy who sold wax lips and joy buzzers and sea monkeys on the back page of Popular Mechanics. ...

Let’s Be Friends

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