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The body learns to burn above the sand

Tijuana poets lost and found

The evening began a little after eight in the bar at Sanborn’s on Revolución where eight poets gathered for drinks and chisme (gossip). Around midnight one of them suggested we move on to El Lugar ...

Ride the rails of the San Diego & Arizona Eastern out of Campo on vintage railcars.

The desolate backcountry community of Campo, barely a stone's throw from the international border, has exactly two things of interest to San Diego daytrippers: the Old Stone Store and the Campo railroad depot. The former, ...

The Douglas Hotel: the Harlem of the West

When Lady Day sang on Market Street

During the 1930s, the black community began to have clearly defined borders. Blacks mostly resided in the area from 30th Street to 32nd Street, between Woolman (now Oceanview) Avenue and Logan Avenue.

God is Building a Home in Heaven for Us, but We Still Need a Place Until Then

The shopping cart return business around San Diego

“If, like, three or four guys are sitting there, I have to be polite, but I have to take the cart. If you come straight in there like some bad guy, they will give you a hard time.”

Unrepentant Padres

Foot-stomping gospel music and earnest testimonials about religious conversion enliven the video, but most people in the audience are slumped in their chairs asleep, nodding off, or staring vacantly. Suddenly, at 6:15 a.m., the screen ...

White Storm Rising

'It's the worst kind of bullshit!" says Eric E. Sterling. "Preposterous! Totally absurd." He's talking of claims the United Nations makes -- about the Tijuana drug cartel, among others -- in its 1999 Human Development ...

Spies Among Us

An engineer at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command on Pacific Highway has discovered that Russian hackers have penetrated a sensitive computer network at the top-secret Navy intelligence center, according to a report in ...

Where was Citizen Kane filmed?

Hey, Matt: Settle a bet. My friend swears that Citizen Kane was filmed in San Diego. I say he's nuts. Maybe he'll listen to you. Tell him I'm right. -- The Speedster, San Diego You ...

Where does Mikhail Gorbachev live? What happened to J. Dahmer's killer?

Dear Matthew: 1. Where does Mikhail Gorbachev live now? Russia or the U.S.? 2. What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer's killer? -- Curious of North Park If you want to drop him a note, Mikhail can ...

What is the proper usage of "flesh (or flush) out?"

Hey Matt-man: 1. What is the proper usage of "flesh (or flush) out"? Co-workers seem to prefer "flush out," but I maintain that "flesh out" is correct, as in "We need to flesh out the ...

What is the life expectancy of a sumo wrestler?

Dear Mat: What is the life expectancy of a sumo wrestler? What's the attraction of sumo wrestling, anyway, and why would anyone want to be a sumo wrestler? What kind of long-term health problems are ...

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