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Fall 1969. Huntington Beach at the Pier. U.S. Surfing Championships.

Fall 1969. Huntington Beach at the Pier. U.S. Surfing Championships: 50,000 people see Corky Carroll regain the title, Number One U.S. Surfer. Sunday, January 28, 1973. A typical Southern California beer bar and Mexican restaurant ...

Billy Wilder brings in Ralph Nader, Dr. Christian Barnard, J. Edgar Hoover, Northern Ireland, Polaroid Instamatics, the Baltimore Orioles

Avanti means retreat

Snapshot of a weekend in Ischia: From beneath the airliner's silver belly, the landing gear retracts. stiffly like chickens' legs; and the plane's shadow, on the runway below. shrinks rapidly as the distance to the ...

Introduction to Bach

Bach's music is stuffiness epitomized, or so the standard line goes. It is simplistic, redundant, and lacks percussionistic fire. But it is also exquisitely lovely. for its much maligned simplicity. when contrapuntally redoubled. is transformed ...

What to say about a Tijuana restaurant

Chiki-Jai at 7th and Revolucion

The menu changes every day. Every day! That went out years ago in most places. They do real cooking, so you can always say "the cook got drunk and the cat fell in the stew" or something.

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